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THE SILVER LAKE INSTITUTE is an IRS-recognized 501.c3 Non-Profit, Educational and Religious Institution. The SLI is chartered by the State of New York, Department of State, and has no official business relationship with this Blog.

THIS BLOG serves the Silver Lake Institute with Non-Profit principles and receives no financial benefit from its services. This Blog is both a news and a promotional blog to communicate all of the great programs of music, art, culture, entertainment, spiritual vitality and worship that is offered here primarily during the summer season. The Blog seeks to put our best foot forward while remaining relevant with social justice issues. Anyone seeking to purchase housing on the SLI grounds, should not fail to consult the "Real Estate" tab and the "Q&R" tab in the main menu. 

OUR MISSION is to independently meet the communications needs and enhance the mission of the Silver Lake Institute. In addition to the regular daily posts, there are two sets of Menu Tabs which enhance the readers' experience. By voluntary extension, we independently cover some of the activities of the Asbury Camp & Retreat Center, the Silver Lake Association, and the Silver Lake Community in general, as they relate to the Institute. Our Mission Statement is to Publicize the SLI's variety of Cultural, Educational, and Spiritual Programs while advocating for Social Justice, the Promotion of Spiritual Vitality, and the Encouraging of Involvement and Volunteerism.

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is an independent, community-generated news blog for the Silver Lake Community and those throughout Western New York who are interested in supporting the Silver Lake Community and its rich programming, recreation, and spirituality. Any official actions by local governing bodies of towns, villages, organizations, businesses, or their Executive Committees which appear in this Blog will be clearly identified as [official]. Otherwise, news is supplied by the community residents and their appointed or elected leaders, under the auspices of resident editor and publisher Greg Franklin. Established in 2010.

The official open "season" is from July 1 through the Sunday prior to Labor Day. The "off season" is Labor Day through June 30th. The amount of news is generally far less during off season.

Managing Editor & Publisher--
Institute Year-Round Resident Greg Franklin
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Summer Resident Loren Penmen
Occasional Contributors and/or Editing -- Summer Residents: 
Bill Schaefer, Kathy Schaefer, Nancy Cullen Sellar, 
Bob Buza, Julie Hoffner, and 
Year-Round Resident Nancy Wilson.
The Heritage Walkway Editor--Summer Resident Suzanne Bristow
Honorary Past Ass't. to the Editor--Summer Resident Lisa Schiske

Mr. Franklin is a retired United Methodist minister who, before service in the church, was in the newspaper publishing business for 11 years. During retirement, in news blog publishing for 6 years, running 2 major blogs and up to 10 less-active blogs. His Bachelor's degree is in the Humanities and his Master's degree in Theology and Counseling. Greg has 4 adult children (1 boy, 3 girls), 7 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. He served in the US Army as a Personnel Specialist at Ft. Bragg, N.C., including a tour of duty in the Republic of Vietnam with the 20th Combat Engineer Battalion as a Chaplain's Assistant in the rank of SP4. Rev. Franklin also served as a Chaplain in the rank of First Lieutenant for 7 years in the NYS Army National Guard, until retirement in 1994 into the US Army Reserve.

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At just 15 years old, Florin Nae shocks everyone with his incredible voice! Footage from Românii au talent series 7 episode 2.-- Florin Nae sings "Caruso"

Old Materials


When you begin the process of buying property on the Silver Lake Institute grounds, you need to know that you are buying into the membership of the Silver Lake Institute and automatically subscribing to the annual dues.* The "dues" are called taxes because (1) they are tax deductible and (2) they are based on 6.5% of your assessed valuation from the Town Assessor. This annual payment is due June 30th of each year and you receive a bill. This is in addition to County, Town and School taxes. SLI taxes cover road maintenance, snow plowing, lawn mowing of SLI properties, historical buildings, Big Blue Dock, general maintenance and under 10% of the annual budget goes to the programs of the Institute which are mandated by the charter and must continue in order to maintain our tax exempt status and lower tax rate than a profit making corporation. 

Buyers should also be aware that the Institute owns the waterfront property.  Although part of the deed, properties with waterfront are leased from the Institute and have an annual fee based on footage.  There is an annual inspection of the  waterfront and it is up to those with waterfront leases  to maintain their designated footage.

This is a special community by what it offers in arts, music, culture, education, and spirituality. We assume you have been drawn to the community because of its unique offerings and may want to participate in one or more ways, as any member of an organization would having joined it. If your real estate agent is unable to answer any or all of your questions with regard to life at the Silver Lake Institute, be sure to request an "Orientation/Welcome Meeting" from the Institute LRPC before signing your final sales and purchase papers. All sales are subject to approval by the Board of Trustees prior to completion of the sale. Knowledge of the Institute is assumed at the time you sign your application for the legally required Silver Lake Institute property Deed. 

The very best example of who we are and what we do is found in our biennial "Silver Lake Experience" mini-Chautauqua 4-day event. Happening every other year (the next one is August 8-11, 2019), it  is filled with excitement, entertainment, fascinating workshops of your choice, swimming, boating, fishing, eating together, and big concerts each evening. During the rest of the summer season, concerts are on Thursday evenings and "Coffee House" concerts are on several Saturday evenings throughout the summer. Worship is weekly during the summer season at announced locations with guest vocalists and instrumentalists.

Although our 169-year history is steeped in staunch, old fashioned Methodism and we were a branch connected to the Genesee (and later the WNY) Annual Conferences of the Methodist Church, we obtained a complete and legal separation from the Upper NY Conference of the United Methodist Church on February 2, 2016. Our central purposes were no longer the same. As far back as 1900-1905, we were already allowing the still "gated, religious community" to take in people of a much wider spectrum of backgrounds and thought. Today, spirituality continues as one of several of our prime purposes but is no longer the sole purpose of being; we now look for the good of the total human being which includes arts, music, culture, education, reading, performing, and dancing. We are returning more to our Chautauqua roots (1886-1896) than that of organized religion.

- Page 2 -
We are a diverse community of many and various backgrounds. Some families whose older generation was fully engaged in the activities of the Institute, have had their cottages past down through the younger generations who are often not nearly so engaged or even informed, creating a sub culture of sorts of those who have "grown out" of Institute life and benefits and yet still own and live within Institute Grounds, paying their annual taxes but not attending any functions or events. 

A smaller number find themselves owning Institute property and living within the bounds of the Institute because they claim they were uninformed at the time of their purchase about what the Institute was. They thought they were just purchasing a home in a Castile, NY, community, despite having signed closing papers to the contrary. They remain, even though some say they would have never purchased here had someone "leveled" with them. That is a priority of the Institute today--that no one should find themselves in a community in which they had no intention of being. Thus, this page of information serves to inform you of the "Orientation/Welcome Meeting" which is your right to request and enjoy prior to completing your purchase. Please help us to help you to be an informed purchaser. Ask questions, attend events, meet the people, and request your orientation/welcome! You may just discover that we are so unique that you don't want to be anywhere else!

The above statement is an unofficial construction of the Silver Lake NY News.Blog to assist persons looking to purchase property or cottages within the bounds of the SLI. Even though unofficial, volunteers are already willing to talk about life at the Institute should you request an "Orientation/Welcome Meeting." Please Note: All sales are subject to approval by the Board of Trustees before the legally required Institute Deed will be issued. Also Note: Even though houses and cottages in SLI are listed as "Castile, NY" at many of the real estate companies, there is no United States Postal Service home delivery of mail. If you request it, you will be issued a free US Post Office Box at which you can pick up your mail daily at the United States Post Office located at the NE corner of Wesley and Perry Avenues, one block north of Bishop Burt Park.          -–Editor

* The Subject of Membership from the Re-Stated Charter of February 2, 2016:
"The corporation [Silver Lake Institute] will have members. Every person 18 years of age or older owning real property upon the grounds of the corporation shall be a member."  . . . "(E)very person of age owning any real estate upon the grounds of the corporation shall be a voter [at the Annual Meeting]. Only a person owning real estate upon the grounds of the corporation is eligible to be elected a Trustee."

This two page information sheet was added to 
The News.Blog in the Spring of 2017.


1. Rental Requirements

The following is an unofficial statement prepared by Rev. G. Franklin
to be reviewed and considered by the Board of Trustees of the
Silver Lake Institute for possible approval as official.

(1) When a vacancy occurs, the Lessor (landlord) may advertise in any legal manner that he or she chooses.
(2) When the Lessor and Lessee verbally agree on the basic terms of the Lease or Rental Agreement, the prospective Lessee(s) must: (a) petition for an "Orientation/Welcome Meeting" which must be completed before a Lease or Rental Agreement is signed; (b) Three (3) References must be provided by name and telephone number at the "Orientation/Welcome Meeting" which should not be family or friends; (c) Lessor and Lesee will be notified by the "Orientation/Welcome Meeting" Chairperson of the acceptance or non-acceptance of the Lessee as a renter in the Silver Lake Institute; (d) repeated calls to the Chairperson about a decision not yet determined is not permitted. The time needed to reach the potential Lessee's references will determine how quickly the vetting process is completed and will be accomplished at the earliest possible date and time.
(3) All Leases should contain a statement that the LEASE is also (a) dependent on the Renter(s) continuation to abide by all rules and regulations within the Institute including all State and Local laws. (b) SLI should be provided a copy of the Lease and/or rental agreement signed by the Leasee and Lessor, or a written statement describing a verbal agreement.
(4) the LEASE will be considered broken whenever three (3) or more violations occur and are recorded either by police reports and/or officially registered neighborhood complaints submitted either to the Manager of a Management Company employed at the time of the violations; or, absent the Management Company, in writing to the Board of Trustees with detailed dates and times, signed and dated. 
(5) Once the LEASE is broken, it is at the discretion of the Lessor (landlord) and the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees as to (a) whether or not to offer a new Lease to the same Lessees, or to give 30 days notice to abandon the property and turn the keys in. (b) If a new Lease is offered to the same Lessees, those same Lessees (tenants) must pay to have the new Lease drawn up and filed. The Lessor will determine and establish the fee/fine for the Lessor's redrawing and resigning of the Lease. (c) The redrawing and resigning of the SLI Renter's Agreement and filing of same draws a fee/fine due to the Silver Lake Institute of $35.00 in cash or money order. (d) If three (3) more additional violations occur, the Lease will be considered permanently broken and the tenants will be expected to vacate the property in 30 days.
Appendix H - 2002 SLI Handbook

Silver Lake Institute Rental Agreement

I, __________________, tenant of ___________________
              (renter)                             (property owner)

at ________________________, Silver Lake, NY 14549, 
agree to abide by all the Silver Lake Institute rules and regulations, as do all property owners on the Silver Lake Institute.

Tenant: ______________________ Date: _____________
                         (signed)                              (dated)
Witness: _____________________ Date: _____________
                          (signed)                             (dated)


2. Email Communication with the members of the Trustees prior to Oct. 14, 2017 meeting.

From: Greg Franklin []
Sent: Thursday, September 14, 2017 10:54 PM
To:; Lance Seeber <>; Donald Weaver <>;; kevin colburn <>;; Bob Cook <>;;; Jill Lapp <>;
Subject: Other Communities' Problems Arriving on Our SLI Neighborhood Doorstep

Dear Current Trustee of SLI,

I have served where you now sit as a Trustee of the Silver Lake Institute. I am well acquainted with the ups and downs of functioning in this capacity. Back then, I would have given anything to have received information prior to a Board meeting so I would have had time to fully absorb it, understand it, and weigh its pro's and con's adequately before having to join into a serious discussion about it in the limited time available for any issue at a regular Board meeting.

At the Board's September meeting, I was both proud and grateful to Bob Cook for allowing us to pass over his report from the Long Range Planning Committee because we were already 10 minutes over quitting time. I again was proud and grateful when he suggested that all Board members present take the prepared and distributed sheets home with them to study at their leisure. 

The subject of those sheets boils down to a vetting procedure for prospective property owners thinking of purchasing property/buildings in the SLI and the recommendation to establish (1) a helpful statement for Real Estate agents in their work with these prospects, and (2) develop some type of "Orientation/Welcome Meeting" for which we have already discovered volunteers in addition to any Board members that want to serve in that capacity.

It is in light of the foregoing and also in light of the recent well known Perry family who had to leave their rental home quickly enough that they didn't have time to find an adequate home for a family of six. They managed to get the property owner at 72 Janes Ave. to take their property off the market and rent it to them. This family may be ready to reform their well known ways in Perry, but as of this date, we do not have any indication that they plan a whole new attitude. 

My neighbors and I are very frustrated that this known family was able to manipulate their way into our neighborhood without any vetting procedure for renters such as we are currently considering for prospective property owners. It is in this light, that I offer a personal recommendation that, along with prospective property owners having an "Orientation/Welcome Meeting," that we establish the same for prospective renters. The Plan is #1 above and is worded as if it might appear in a booklet such as our Handbook:

​I sincerely hope this helps in your understanding and preparation for the upcoming October 14, 2017 Board meeting.​

Chaplain, Silver Lake Institute;

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