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THIS BLOG is a promotional blog to communicate all of the great programs of music, art, culture, entertainment, spiritual vitality and worship that is offered here primarily during the summer season. It seeks to put our best foot forward. Anyone seeking to purchase housing here, should not fail to consult the "Real Estate" tab and the "Q&R" tab in the main menu. Anyone seeking general news happenings on the grounds of the Institute, other than planned programs, will have to subscribe to our SLI News Group using your email address which is held in strict confidentiality. News, other than regularly planned activities, will be delivered to your email inbox. Send your request to be a part of the SLI News Group to Type "SLI NEWS" in the Subject Box. Most importantly, type your email in the Message Box and tell whether you desire confidentiality or prefer having your address visible to all.

OUR MISSION is to independently meet the communications needs and mission of the Silver Lake Institute. By voluntary extension, we independently cover some of the activities of the Asbury Camp & Retreat Center, the Silver Lake Association, and the Silver Lake Community in general, as they relate to the Institute. Our Mission Statement is to Publicize our variety of Cultural, Educational, and Spiritual Programs while advocating for Social Justice, the Promotion of Spiritual Vitality, and the Encouraging of Involvement and Volunteerism.

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is an independent, community-generated news blog for the Silver Lake Community and those throughout Western New York who are interested in supporting the Silver Lake Community and its rich programming, recreation, and spirituality. Any official actions by local governing bodies of towns, villages, organizations, businesses, or their Executive Committees which appear in this Blog will be clearly identified as [official]. Otherwise, news is supplied by the community residents and their appointed or elected leaders, under the auspices of resident editor and publisher Greg Franklin. Established in 2010.

The official open "season" is from July 1 through the Sunday prior to Labor Day. The "off season" is Labor Day through June 30th. The amount of news is generally far less during off season.

Managing Editor & Publisher--
Institute Year-Round Resident Greg Franklin
Programming News & Photos--
Summer Resident Loren Penmen
Occasional Contributors and/or Editing -- Summer Residents: 
Bill Schaefer, Kathy Schaefer, Nancy Cullen Sellar, 
Bob Buza, Julie Hoffner, and 
Year-Round Resident Nancy Wilson.
The Heritage Walkway Editor--Summer Resident Suzanne Bristow
Honorary Past Ass't. to the Editor--Summer Resident Lisa Schiske

Mr. Franklin is a retired United Methodist minister who, before service in the church, was in the newspaper publishing business for 11 years. During retirement, in news blog publishing for 6 years, running 2 major blogs and up to 10 less-active blogs. His Bachelor's degree is in the Humanities and his Master's degree in Theology and Counseling. Greg has 4 adult children (1 boy, 3 girls), 7 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. He served in the US Army as a Personnel Specialist at Ft. Bragg, N.C., including a tour of duty in the Republic of Vietnam with the 20th Combat Engineer Battalion as a Chaplain's Assistant in the rank of SP4. Rev. Franklin also served as a Chaplain in the rank of First Lieutenant for 7 years in the NYS Army National Guard, until retirement in 1994 into the US Army Reserve.

NEWS OR ADVERTISING for the SLI Blog can be emailed to or home (585) 444-7384, mobile (585) 689-9035. Please include contact info in case we have questions. If you do not hear from me within 8 to 12 hours, email again or phone.

Editor's Testing Space

At just 15 years old, Florin Nae shocks everyone with his incredible voice! Footage from Românii au talent series 7 episode 2.-- Florin Nae sings "Caruso"

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