To Report a Concern or a Problem Confidentially -- The problem or concern will be listed in the News Blog but will NOT contain your name nor your email. The Editor/Publisher will get in touch with you if there are any questions about describing your concern or problem, but your name or email will NOT be used in the listing.

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To Report a Concern or a Problem Anonymously -- Do not email it. Click "Anonymous" in the Comment Section below and describe your concern or problem in as much detail as necessary to understand it and/or locate it. No one will follow up with any questions what so ever.

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To Report a Concern or a Problem Publicly by Using your Name -- Go to the Comment Section found after each article, then click on the Add Your Name button, then describe your concern. It is not necessary to fill in the blank that requests the name of your website (that can be left blank).

Questions? Call Greg at 585-444-RevG (7384).

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  1. People have to report anonymously to avoid retribution from the executive board. We have heard for the last 15 years at the so called board meetings there was never a nay when voting on any issue against the excutive board. That's why the board members are hand-picked. No democracy here.