Areas of Responsibility:
(1) Projects (such as Heritage Walkway & Write-Ups;
      Historical Markers;
      Full Accessibility of Ames Ave. as a Walkway)
(2) SLI Handbook (recommended updates)
(3) Long Range Thinking (how to preserve the SLI through controlled membership)

Possible Edits to the 2018 Handbook:

The following is proposed as additions because of actual complaints by neighbors that one or more of the following do take place or have taken place:

Under Personal Conduct:

-Do follow the highest standards of personal conduct on public and private land within SLI grounds. The following provides guidance as to what standards of conduct are all about. 

-Do use language that is kind and compassionate in its nature; assume the best of people.
     -No public defamation/accusation of another person
     -No loud swearing in public or such as can be heard on other public or private property)
-Do avoid alcohol for health sake, but if you choose it, keep it inside your private residence.
     -No open containers of alcohol outside of private residences
     -No public consumption of alcohol
     -No public state of drunkenness
-Do avoid the use of tobacco products for health sake; keep any use of with your private residence.
     -No public offering, display or consumption of tobacco products
-Do keep an appropriate minimum of clothes on accept for swim gear while in the pool or lake.
     -No public exposure and/or nudity visible from roads, SLI public areas, or other private property
-Do keep your hands to yourself in public
     -No public fondling of self or another
     -No public engaging in sexual activity
     -No public offering, display, sale, or free distribution of pornographic materials
-Do always use fully functioning lavatories and bathrooms
      -No public or private deposit of bodily wastes anywhere except into the sewer system
-Do use only prescription drugs with your name on them
      -No public or private offering, display, consumption, sale, or free distribution of illegal drugs
      -No public or private offering, display, consumption, sale, or free distribution of prescription 
       drugs to or by anyone other than the individual having had them legally prescribed to him or her.

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