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June 9, 2017
  1. Creates an alternating but unbroken grassy path, 8 feet in width, from Genesee Ave. to Epworth Hall with marked Crosswalks over Haven and Hamline. (The width may be reduced in areas where residents have encroached upon Ames Ave., thereby leaving less than 8 feet available.)
  2. Gives everyone without other car access to their lot, a parking slot next to (or in front of) their property.
  3. This is a compromise proposal. Each lot owner who needs car access to their lot, gets to lease 1/2 of Ames (8.5 feet) for the minimum legal amount of $1.00 per year, after LRC approval. (We are not allowed to sell portions of the road off as has been done in the past.) Should residents desire more than 8.5 feet for their car slot, they must take the extra footage from their own lot (such as from the 5 feet requirement between the lot line and the edge of the owner's cottage (or from the "front lawn" area. Assistance will be offered in hauling gravel to your parking slot if desired.
  4. Those already encroaching onto Ames Ave. by 4 feet or more, will not be able to obtain an additional 8.5 feet of Ames. Each resident's lot situation will be evaluated individually to insure fairness and equal treatment.
  5. Those wishing to lease 2 or more feet along Ames Ave. for a strip of flower garden may check with the LRP committee to see if your property would fit the current patterns.
  6. For the technically minded, here is the sketch of what has been described above:

Fun Picture:  New $110 pillars with solar lamps on top (extra) are superimposed on a 1920 photo of Ames Ave. taken from the old Promenade walkway in Burt Park looking South down Ames.

Note the pole between the pillars which is a genuine part of the original photo and was there to prevent cars and wagons from driving on Ames Ave.



ARBOR 2Medium

ARBOR 3Narrow




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