Pictured here working hard on the long and 
important agenda of October 14, 2017

Top Photo, right hand side of the table -- Julie Hoffner, Ames Ave., Trustee & Program Chair; Bill Schaefer, Lakeview Ave., Board President;Pete Mairs, Harris Ave., Board Vice President; Lance Seeber, Fillmore Ave., Board Secretary; Don Weaver, Harris Ave., Trustee & Worship Chair; and Sharon Pratt (back of her head), Lakeview Ave.. Trustee & Epworth Hall Chair. Bottom Photo, left hand side of the table -- Bob Cook, Embury Ave., Trustee & LRPC Chair; Bob Murphy (left early for another engagement), Thompson Ave., Trustee & Hoag Art Gallery Chair; Chuck Dusel, Hedding Ave., Trustee; Loren Penman (behind Chuck), Wesley Ave., Trustee; Jill Knitter, Thompson Ave., Trustee & Grounds & Waterfront Chair; Kevin Colburn, Hedding Ave., Board Treasurer; Molly Anthony (absent), Perry Ave., Trustee.

2011-2012 SLI Trustees
(5 Not in Photo)
Pictured from left to right: Ken Hennig, Don Meyer, Bob Cook,
Pete Mairs, Bill Schaefer, Julie Hoffner, Mike Turner, 
Joe Szwaczkowski, Lance Seeber, Rodney Jones, 
Jim Blythe, and Greg Franklin. 
Not Shown:
Roger Covell, Lisa Schiske,  Don Weaver, 
Jerry Kelly, and George Battaglia.
Photo by Sarah Clark. 

SLI Trustees from 1934

SLI Trustees from 1908

Silver Lake Institute
Board of Trustees Meeting
September 5, 2015

Trustees Present:             Bill Schaefer, Pete Mairs, Craig Bateman, Mike Turner, Jim Blythe,
Jill Knitter, Lisa Schiske, Bob Cook, Don Weaver, Suzanne Bristow, and
Julie Hoffner

Secty. Pro Tem:               Greg Franklin

Guests Present:                Bob Buza, Sharon Pratt, Chuck Knitter, Kathy Scharf,  David Riddell, Clarence R. Clark, Dorothy Clark, Inga Sonbird, David McIntyre,
                                          Loren Penman, Nncy Sellar, Kathy Hennig, and Sue Meega.                 

Visitor’s Comments:       Kathy Schaefer gave an SLE Report. There were 24 members on the Committee, 176 Registrants from 9 different states, 430 involved, $2500 cash sponsors, $4,440 in cash, $2,300 in kind donations. Kathy Schaefer and Loren Penman were given applause.

David Riddell reported a Net Surplus of $1861.03 from the S/L Experience, turning over a check to the Institute, by way of Bill Schaefer, for the $1,000 initial loan. Applause was offered.

Opening Prayer:              Chaplain Greg

A Quorum was Declared

MOTION PASSED:       To approve the August 1, 2015 Minutes
Made by:                          Craig Bateman
Seconded by:                   Jim Blythe

Treasurer’s Report:        Craig Bateman
                                          General Fund: $72,657.03; Epworth: $9,488.40; Reserve: 45,640.56
MOTION PASSED:       To move Epworth funds to the General Fund for work completed on Epworth.
Made by:                          Julie Hoffner
Seconded by:                   Mike Turner

Registrar’s Report:         Kathy Gildner
MOTION PASSED:       (1) To approve work to be done on Candy & David Hopkins’ Dock.
  Made by:                        Julie Hoffman
  Seconded by:                 Lisa Schiske
MOTION PASSED:       (2) To approve reduced expansion work on Sharon Beardsley’s House.
  Made by:                        Bob Cook
  Seconded by:                 Don Weaver
MOTION PASSED:       (3) To approve Linda Pete’s purchase of a Cottage on Thompson Avenue.
  Made by:                        Pete Mairs
  Seconded by:                 Don Weaver


Executive:                        Bill Schaefer reports “a great season” and an “energizing year.”
                                          Buildings will be closing at the end of the day on Sept. 26, 2015.
Bill reported that “the Office Clerk has stepped down.” A Motion was called for to have the Executive Committee to fill the position after it is known what is needed in the office. Since there was no concrete proposal, no Motion was made and a discussion followed regarding broader input into what is needed in the office especially to be helpful in assisting the committees during the very busy months of July and August. It was announced that the Executive Committee will be meeting with the Accountant this week to work out details.

Financial Report:            Bill Schaefer and Pete Mairs
It was reported that the Institute had a $33,000 Surplus to date. An 8-month statement was given to the Trustees in the form of a Profit & Loss Statement from the Accountant. The meeting agenda referred to “reconcile accounts” and several committee chairs indicated that their figures did not jive with the committee totals as being reported. It was explained that it was not set up in such a way as to provide those exact figures but would be soon, as Finance continued to work with the Accountant. Delays were brought about by the unexpected illness of our past Treasurer who had to resign for health reasons.
MOTION PASSED:       To accept the Profit & Loss Statement.
Made by:                          Bob Cook
Seconded by:                   Julie Hoffner

Worship:                          Greg Franklin and Don Weaver.
                                          Tentative considerations were reported to the Board including more efforts to get the Upper NY Conference Bishop to come to the Institute. Other special guests will be sought to address us both in the 2016 Season and also during the 2017 S/L Experience Season. We will also be examining leads for differing styles of worship such as a Country-Western Style, Native American, and Taize. We will also be relying on broader input from the both the Committee and the S/L community in a greater effort to be inclusive. We accept the $2500 proposed budget amount for the work of the committee.

Program:                          Last year’s overall attendance was 701. This year’s overall attendance came in at 804. A tentative program idea for next year is a series of 3 religious events
                                          on Sunday evenings.
                                          Still on this year’s calendar is a Silver Lake Fall Cook-off, sponsored by the Arts Council for Wyoming County on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015 from 3 to 6 p.m. $300 donation to SLI for the use of the building. More details on Blogspot.
MOTION PASSED:       (1) To bring the S/L Fall Cook-off to the Institute Campus on Sept. 26, 2015.
Made by:                          Julie Hoffner
Seconded by:                   Lisa Schiske

MOTION PASSED:       (2) To explore with the Camp and the SLI Calendar whether dates would be available to offer a gesture to Rick and the Corall to use Epworth as a rain location.
Made by:                          Don Weaver
Seconded by:                   Mike Turner

Legal:                               Pete Mairs reported that on July 23, 2015, a letter was sent to the lawyer representing the UNY Conference Board of Trustees in regard to the Separation Agreement. To date there has been no response.

Grounds:                          Craig Bateman reported that 4 Institute roads are paved, with the project coming in under the estimate. Parking areas were backed up with stones. He reported that it will take 2 more years to finish roads based on the current budget. Broken concrete was found at the Lawrences’ waterfront slip and it was reported to the Board that the Lessee accepts such responsibility as part of the Lease. Mac Thomas was our Lifeguard this season and did a very good job. However the Swimming Area had to be closed due to toxic water conditions for the last several weeks of the season. Mac Thomas was paid his contractual amount. Bill added that the Lakefront Committee will examine contracting with the Camp for regular pool time with a decision coming in October.

Historical:                         Bill reported that “Historical” does not include financial records. Don and Julie will examine the old records which have been transferred to the second floor of Stoody.

Epworth:                          Craig Bateman reported that individual groups using Epworth are responsible for the set-up and take-down by the individual groups involved.
                                          Loren Penman has donated her time in writing a Technical Assistance Grant for Epworth for $3,500. Our cost is $500. The grant, offered on very short notice, would help to determine fault and deterioration with regard to the ruined shingles on Epworth roof. A complete list of priorities was discussed by Craig as approved by the Epworth Committee.

Hoag:                                Mike Turner reporting “a great Season” in 2015. Linda Frank will do the Hoag’s Artist scheduling. Bob Murphy will “re-energize” Hoag’s upstairs.

Stoody:                             It was reported that the current railings are too low to meet safety standards. It is also recommended that the 2 side rails be moved inward to provide 2-handed climbing. Craig will look at it with Judd. Diane Wetjen will donate the improvements.
MOTION PASSED:       To accept with thanks the donation of Diane Wetjen to make safety improvements on the stairs and railings of Stoody Hall with Craig and Judd’s oversight.
Made by:                          Don Weaver
Seconded by:                   Julie Hoffner

                                          Lisa Schiske reported some of the upcoming plans for Stoody Hall including: 2 large garbage cans that can sit outside,  Pest Control, Walls refinished, New Curtains and curtains rods. The Café is doing very well. There were 9 new people who served this year and more new folks have signed for next year.

                                          There are currently 4 or 5 Coffee Houses in the Season. The performers like the opportunity to play and sing for our Saturday evenings and the music is reported by the audience as being “great.”

Long-Range Planning:  The third major sign is now up at the Intersection of Chapman and Janes. There are more historical signs being planning of the smaller variety.
                                          A Reunion was planned for every 5 years and the current is planned for 2019.


                                          A tabled vote from the August meeting is pending.
MOTION PASSED:       To accept the recommended ideas from the Epworth Committee for
                                          the Epworth Stage.
Made by:                          Don Weaver
Seconded by:                   Roger Covell


MOTION PASSED:       A record 39 Quilts were donated this year by SLI’s only Service organization, the Piece-Makers who have been experiencing “sky-high” fabric costs. It is being motioned to grant them a budget figure of $250.
Made by:                          Suzanne Bristow
Seconded by:                   Bob Cook

                                          It was announced that the letter-writing campaign is over regarding falling buildings on Walker Road to be cleared. It has been agreed to clear them in the next few weeks.

                                          Pete Mairs introduced the need for a discussion about Code Enforcement within the Institute to keep properties up to a reasonable standard and not let them deteriorate into a state a disrepair defacing entire neighborhood areas. The possibility of establishing a committee was raised. The meeting, running late, prevented adequate discussion within this September agenda.

MOTION PASSED:       To Close the Meeting.
Made by:                          Craig Bateman
Seconded by:                   Mike Turner


2011 - 2012

Pictured from left to right - Ken Hennig, Don Meyer, Bob Cook,
Pete Mairs, Bill Schaefer, Julie Hoffner, Mike Turner, Joe
Szwaczkowski, Lance Seeber, Rodney Jones, Jim Blythe,
and Greg Franklin. Photo by Sarah Clark. Not Shown:
Roger Covell, Lisa Schiske,  Don Weaver, Jerry Kelly,
and George Battaglia.

2013-2014 Officers
President - Pete Mairs
Vice President - Bill Schaefer
Secretary - Lance Seeber
Treasurer - Greg Franklin

Hired Staff
Registrar - Kathy Gildner
Bookkeeper/Tax Collector - Deb Mistel 
Superintendent/Groundsman - Dan Dake

Appointed Staff
Institute Chaplain - (Rev.) Greg Franklin - Sunday Worship
Julie Hoffner - Week Night Program
Fred Schuknecht - Weekend Art Gallery Shows
Bob Murphy - History Collection & Presentation



THE TRUSTEES met to close out this very popular and successful Summer Season with their feet firmly planted in concrete plans for next Season. New Trustees were elected earlier this Summer, Trustees were appointed to Work Committees, and the Annual Budget will be presented at the October meeting in Hoag. If there are no objections, we hope to have a budget in place by the end of the meeting. The Trustees are passing down a tax decrease because of the County's reassessment increases.

THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE will be working through the Winter months to keep things in good order and running smoothly. If you are interested in keeping up with everything throughout the year, we welcome you to our new Silver Lake Institute Web Site which has been put together in the form of a Blog. This means it is interactive--there is a place for your comment after each news post and then others may comments on your comment. Most importantly, the people who might be able to do something about it, will read it and comment about caring for whatever the issue.

A FAMILY & COMMUNITY PICNIC followed the Trustees meeting at Hoag, and was held outside the Hoag where free hotdogs and related finger foods were offered to all who walked by or came specifically to eat. Thanks to each who helped in any way and to the Adams's for their very active part in it. Thank you!