Thursday, January 11, 2018

Warmest Day, Thursday, in Progress; Friday-Saturday is Another Story

Winter Storm Watch Goes into Effect Tomorrow 
Afternoon; Areal Flooding Watch Remains in Effect; Cloudy Today, 52, Occasional Bouts of Filtered Sun

Thursday's forecast and temperatures belies what lays ahead for the upcoming days and weeks. We are not strangers to snow and bitter cold this season, but most people are speaking of being somewhat weary of winter already. Yet, unlike other years, we are not alone, many other areas of the country have suffered their own cold temperatures, snow, and ice in areas rarely affected to the extent that they have been this season.

In addition to the winter conditions of wind, snow, ice, and  bitter cold, we are reminded of another type of tragedy taking place in California, as "biblical proportion rains" fell upon the Thomas fire area in Santa Barbara which no longer has active vegetation to absorb the hard falling rains. This causing violent mudslides which drove boulders through homes and into cars followed by several feet of mud destroying what was left of the homes and cars, some of which were found to be hanging from trees.

People were being carried downstream by the power of the water and mud with some not surviving the violence. There are still missing persons believed to have been buried in the depths of the mud. The texture of this mud mixed with ash is much like mixed concrete. Rescuers are up against a time deadline since the mud will be drying out quickly making further rescues impossible, or at least a great deal more difficult.

Temperatures at Silver Lake continued to rise overnight on their trek to the high of the day which has been forecast as reaching 52 degrees.

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