Thursday, January 11, 2018

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  • Thank You for taking the time to post this important information. It is appreciated.
  • I enjoyed looking at the photos posted today. Bert Shields (actually Burton) was my great grandfather. He died long before I was born; My grandmother-Carrie Shields Day - spent most of her summers at the lake.

    Her brother-Burton Jr & his wife Lillie owned the Lakeview cottage now owned by the Turners.. My mother spent most summers there with her 2 cousins, Vivian & Marion. Burton Jr also died before I was born, but Lille lived until I was a teenager, and often visited my parents original cottage above Epworth Hall. My grandmother often took me for walks around the institute, and pointed out her parents home. I believe it is now Bill Gleasons. My memory is somewhat hazy but it seems like she told me they had moved the house across the street from where it was when she was growing up. I know that Burt was despised in the institute and referred to as the gestapo. On a sad note, Lillie's daughter Vivian died in her early 50's, followed by Lillie a few months later, and 3 months after that by her younger daughter Marion. All died of cancer. They no doubt would have survived in today's world.
  • Lisa SchiskeDecember 7, 2017 at 9:37 PM> Wow!!! Jack.....Thank you soooo much for sharing your history of Silver Lake Institute with all of us!!!!
  • Dianne, Just ran across this. So sorry to hear about Alan. God bless you and your family in this difficult time. You are in our prayers. Nick and Elizabeth Woods
  • God Bless you Greg....I truly believe your love for the Silver Lake Institute is shining brightly. Things might not always go as planned but please know that I, Lisa, know that they are coming from your heart. Namaste my friend...

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