Sunday, November 12, 2017

'Mid-Winter Survivors Party': You're Going to Really Like this One! Announces Planning Team

In the dead of winter (late January) comes this great idea--a Mid-Winter Survivors' Party for those who survive the quiet lonely winter nights on the grounds of the Institute! There's more of us than most people imagine and we're eager for some fun and a great evening out. We're planning an Open House at the Kris & Glynne Schultz cottage (all three floors of it). This is Charlie Nonnenberg's former cottage. 

We hope to have three (3) special guests there, but we're not announcing the details until we have them firmed up! We are excited and can hardly wait for it, so we are really sure you will love what we're planning also! We hope to have the date, time, and main fun activities nailed down by our next meeting in early December, and when we do, you will know about it as fast as we can get the word out. 

Word will be spread by word of mouth (personal invitations), by this Blog, and by a mailed flyer. So watch for it and listen for it. Things will be quiet enough from now on at the Institute, you'll be sure to hear all about it!

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