Saturday, October 7, 2017

Introducing Two New Blog Pages:
New Intro Page to SL Experience, and
A Unique Wedding, Engagement Page

The new Introduction Page to the Silver Lake Experience here on the SLI Blog emphasizes the Institute and Retreat Center facilities and grounds for a great combination between historical buildings and modern facilities. Along with the introduction, buildings have a brief statement of location to assist persons in locating them even before receiving or consulting a map. We look forward to a continued effort to refine and further develop this page.

The new Introduction Page begins with a very brief but tantalizing list of what the Experience is about and then immediately refers readers to the Home Page of the Silver Lake Experience by way of a convenient link. The new page is located conveniently right next to each year's list of Gold Sponsors as their names continue to be promoted throughout the year. While the page is not meant to be an end-all in approaches to the Experience, we believe it is one of many useful tools in promoting the Experience.

The new Wedding and Engagement Announcement Page is a totally new approach to an old tradition. We are encouraging family members to place an engagement or wedding announcement and/or photo as a conversation piece among their friends and acquaintances here at the Institute. This will help to share some of the happy and joyous activities in the lives of our summer friends and also our year-round residents. Let us know if other such pages would be helpful and interesting. Would you enjoy a Graduates Page? Let us know by commenting.

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