Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Board Gets to Make Decision on Volunteer Management of
SLI Historical Buildings

From one of the SLI hard-working Committees came the proposal for placing the three (3) SLI historical buildings as sub-committees under the Grounds Committee, thereby streamlining the physical management of all of the SLI properties. Now from the Program Committee comes the proposal of placing the three (3) SLI historical building's individual agendas of program and activities as sub-committees under the Program Committee, thereby streamlining the programmatic and activities management in each building under the Program Committee.

A diagram of the proposed volunteer management system was given out to members of the Trustee Board at the last meeting of the Board where there was not ample time to give due consideration to the plan. The Board has now had six (6) weeks to consider the proposal in principle and hopefully will be able to lend a unanimous positive vote to it on Saturday. The program committee needs to have overall knowledge in the planing and scheduling of programs and activities so as not to cause confusion or double book guests on the same dates and locations.

Worship Committee which used to be under the Program Committee was separated because the Worship Committee always had the same day and hours for their functions which therefore never caused confusion or conflict. Even as winter activities look to expand under the leadership of the Chaplain, the winter calendar is wide open and the possibilities of schedule conflict currently at a minimum.

The Institute became a new organization on February 2, 2016, and is determined to become a more efficient and transparent operation. While some express doubts about this being able to happen, others say that we are now in control of our own destinies and will have no one else to blame or to credit when things go very well or not so well.

The current newly elected Board wants to demonstrate a new type of leadership over the Institute and many want to give them that chance. Old habits may be hard to avoid, but we hope and pray that all Board members will be able to support all other Board members in a new round of positive and adventuresome thinking--in this vital effort to renew and develop our new Institute and its total community and outreach.

The Blog stands ready to assist the Trustees in this vital mission by keeping the community informed of what the Board and committees give to us, and what we are able to learn on our own.

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