Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Bee Man Takes a Look at Epworth
Hive in the Midst of a Second
Warm Spell, this One Milder

SLI Board President Bill Schaefer and Groundsman Dan Dake chatted while waiting for the arrival of the Bee Man who apparently wasn't familiar with the area and went right by Chapman Ave. and the Charcoal Corral into Castile. In the meantime Chaplain Greg arrived with his camera, which unfortunately had a dead battery. So let me describe the scene: 3 men standing in 75 degrees, looking at a pillar on the front of Epworth Hall and talking about it. I wanted to hear the results of the conversation but my subcutaneous nerve was hurting too much to stick around. We'll report on the results, if any, as soon as we get it.

They picked a beautiful day for negotiating with the Bee Man, since this week is supposed to be in the mid-70s most of the week with some showers in the forecast for later in the week. Once again Mother Nature is trying to get on our good side by making up for a cool and wet July. Unfortunately our summer friends have already left and taken up residence in the their winter homes. Hopefully their weather is being just as nice to them there.

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