Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Yesterday's Article on Improvement:
It's Important Enough to Clarify

"But without knowledge of what is happening on the grounds, there is little chance for change and improvement to take place" -- Although this closing statement was preceded by a discussion of where to locate SLI news, the statement had much broader implications. In hindsight, the article should have continued on from that point:

The 2002 SLI Handbook is being updated and some portions re-written containing additional information and recommendations for eventual consideration and approval by the current SLI Board. In order to update, the appointed updaters need to understand all the good and not-so-good in order to have a Handbook worthy of the name. The community of neighbors must also have some knowledge of what is good and not-so-good in order to have faith in the book's accuracy and fairness in the book's procedures.

We are an urban-style community, half of us living here on 33-feet wide by 66-feet deep lots, and occasionally we wind up with urban style difficulties. There must be effective enforcement procedures to keep control on those apparently unaccustomed to control. Most neighborhoods in SLI can name at least one person in their vicinity who has created problems or unpleasantness for their neighbors. (This reference is not made toward anyone living on or adjacent to Ames Ave. They are being cooperative neighbors.)

The problems are caused by either a lack of knowledge of our SLI rules or an unwillingness to pay any attention to them. As far as current enforcement goes, when was the last time you heard of any of the fines currently listed in the book being given out for violations? Most will agree that we have an enforcement problem.

The Handbook Updaters will be interviewing management companies who literally provide all the oversight of properties such as ours including enforcement of the rules. They hope to then make a recommendation for the Board to interview at least one company who they believe can make a major contribution to continued and improved life in our SLI community. We are confident that the Board will give it its fullest consideration.

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