Saturday, September 9, 2017

Some Year-Round Residents Plan to Checkout New Winter Get-Togethers

SLI Chaplain Greg Franklin is planning to respond to a number of requests to give "winter" or "year-round" residents an opportunity to get together several times during the long, all-too-quiet SLI winters for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, apple cider, donuts and pastries as one or more groups of common interest. Here are some of the ideas given to him by persons already interested in trying it out:

(1) A group whose basic interest is in talking about the High's and Low's of being a SLI Year-Round Resident; (2) A group of moms or dads of school age children who want a cup of something hot after getting their children onto the school bus, talking about school issues or parental issues or the humor or frustration in one or the other; (3) A group wanting to know how such an old "book" such as the Bible was so important to our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, but today is all but ignored by today's generations? (4) A group just enjoying talking about their personal interests such as music, family, sports, American government, or other. UPDATE:  (5)  we are interested in social get togethers and we are looking for folks who like to play bridge or other cards.    Would be neat to have close friends here over the winter to "hang out with".

Another person said, "Who knows . . . maybe folks would enjoy getting together for Thanksgiving..." If groups were small enough, we could meet in a volunteer home ("such as Greg's" on Haven). If larger, we are already in talks for space at the Asbury Retreat Center. Participants may also have ideas on where and how to do it. We also need to know how many Year-Round Residents have cable with online capability to be able to read announcements on this Blog or a better place.

If you think you might be interested or even just interested in checking it out, you can leave a reply below this article, or email, or phone 585-444-RevG (7384), or P.O. Box 19 at our P.O.

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