Friday, September 8, 2017

SLI October Meeting Moved To One Week Later; Other Current Notices

The [SLI] October meeting is changed to Saturday, 
October 14, 2017, from 10-12 Noon at Epworth.

Year-Round Residents to Enjoy Winter

Get-Togethers this 2017-2018 off-season.

Thursday Evening Concerts at SLI's Epworth Hall
move to Friday Evenings in 2018.
[Julie Hoffner]

Bill and Kathy Schaefer celebrating 47 years!
[Little Bird]

Currently trying to help an old pen-pal get to the States
from the Philippines so he can be treated 
here for his cancer.
Just got word: I'm going to be a great-grandpa
for the fourth time in 7 years!
(Probably in the Spring.)

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