Friday, September 8, 2017

Publisher Drops 'News Blog' format Effective Immediately; Vows Return
To Pre-December Promotional format

The heavy-weight News Blog is morphing back into the old light-weight SLI blogspot. You will continue to receive news over the "off season" (fall, winter, spring months) but not necessarily on an hourly basis. Thanks to those who have helped me to make the decision that I have been contemplating for the last two months. I think most will be happy about it.

Last December, I initiated an experiment which was combining the light-weight promotional SLI blog with a new, more heavy-weight news blog. Perhaps it was the newness of it all that gave me the impression that people liked the new direction (or at least most of the ones who were in regular dialogue with me). 

After seven (7) and one-half months, I have concluded that the news blog format is not appropriate for our small community. It is also far more time consuming than a simple, promotional blog like we had before last December, and basically, I need more time for other projects both personal and professional.

I am taking immediate action to discontinue the news blog format ( and will allow that domain to expire this December and not renew. I will run only the promotional blog ( It is my strong desire that you will continue to enjoy the blog even without as many entries.

I am very much open to hearing your comments, suggestions, and definitely receiving your contributions to the Blog about family and friends in which others would be equally interested. Without comments, I don't know what you're thinking--what you like and what you don't like. Thanks to those who have let me know.
(Story release: 2 pm Friday 9-8-17)


  1. Thank you Greg for all of your hard work keeping us all informed of the happenings in and around Silver Lake Institute and Silver Lake itself! I really appreciate all your countless volunteer hours you donate to this site along with your monetary gifts maintaining the domain name, & .blog. ��

    Congratulations on your announcement of being a great grandfather again!! ��

  2. ???? After my comments are the emojis I added that the Blog doesn't recognize ...


  3. Emojis appear as one unit; however, behind each one is a code of several keyboard characters which causes it to look as it does. The code is different for each one of the online "languages" which is about a dozen different online languages. For example, some of the websites using HTML language (there are 5 or 6 of them) will usually recognize the code for a simple, basic smiley face which is :) or a big smile :)) . Blogspot doesn't include them because most persons do not know the emoji codes by heart, but there are charts available. I doubt they will work in the comment section because this section doesn't even recognize bold or italic symbols which are much more basic than emoji's. I'll see if I can find a recent chart. Thanks ever so much for writing.



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