Monday, September 11, 2017

'I Believe Every Community
Should Be Striving to Be a
Better Place in which to Live'

'I Personally Subscribe to the Teachings of Jesus 
and the Community of the Silver Lake Institute' 

I spend a lot of time reading, writing, and analyzing history. Of the last few years, the emphasis has been the roots of the Silver Lake Institute, its spiritual history, its neighboring secular history, and the methods by which the Institute kept up with its times and people. Without an awareness of an Institution's needs or opportunities for change and improvement, there is little hope for change and improvement to take place. This is true of both programming and of living daily life on the grounds of the Institute.

Even back in the 1880s and 1890s, residents found they needed a daily newspaper to keep up with it all that was going on. Back then, the good news, activities and events were carried by the promotional publication known as the Silver Lake Herald, and the more risque, human, and physical stories were carried by the newspaper known as the Perry Herald. The leaders of the 1880s wanted religion to be a part of daily life and not on a pedestal occasionally dusted off and looked at.

There is no record of the Assembly people of the 1880s objecting to the Perry Herald publishing what some might call the "dirty laundry" of the Institute, then-known as the Assembly. Some of the preachers' best illustrations were taken from the "unscheduled" events that took place on the grounds. The photo below is of the Silver Lake Herald published on behalf of Camp Wesley, about a year before Camp Wesley's name change to Silver Lake Assembly.

Our history here at The Silver Lake Institute should be a constant reminder that we are a product of change and improvement. Our origins in Bergen, NY, were that of a revivalist community with fanatical-like zeal to get people in our midst to completely change and improve their thinking and way of life into a life of "biblically based" principles. I emphasize "biblically based" because the early rules were based on much broader principles than those of the teachings of Jesus Christ alone.

Today I made a list of ten (10) basic changes and improvements that the Institute went through during its history. It had its share of down times and times when they were disappointed in people and their actions, but most were followed by a change that brought improvement. Back then they had the Perry Herald and the Preachers to remind them of the areas of life and living that needed improvement(s). Dare I say that some of us would be embarrassed today by the things they thought necessary to be discussed and improved?

Today our promotional media, for example, the Blog, is much more colorful, illustrative, and photo-journalistic than the solid pages of type so often used in the media of yesteryear (as illustrated above). And as of this week, our news stories are not only as honest and truthful as those in the Perry Herald of those early years, but now we have the option of reading them in the privacy of our email with little or no public exposure. But without knowledge of what is happening on the grounds, there is little chance for change and improvement to take place. 


  1. Agreed, yet unfortunately our overall 'society' has dictated what is to be 'aired' or not aired in public. Then again....if I had, let's say some detectives 'looking to talk to me', not sure if I would want the world to know...,..'ahhhh what a tangled web we weave'!

  2. Thanks for commenting. I think I can safely say that with our only web site now being a promotional Blog, and emails used only for occasional (significant) news, no one will have to worry about such detail being covered as significant.


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