Sunday, September 10, 2017

Editor's Policy Question
Given Over to Blog Readers

By the strictest of definitions, a promotional blog, has no business in "the news business." Just two days after vowing to return to the promotional blog format, the Editor became aware of a late Saturday night "breaking and entry" in addition to some unwarranted damage having taken place in a currently unoccupied structure on the SLI grounds. Those wanting a promotional blog with no "cutting edge" stories (usually defined as "negative" stories) do not want to learn about such news on their promotional blog. By strict definition, they are correct.

There is another viewpoint, however, expressed by some of our other readers that there is no other way of knowing this type of information except through the instrument of the Blog. Further, they tell me that they have a right to know and it should not be anyone else's right to withhold information that is relevant to the community (not even the Blog Editor). They reject the idea of paying a subscription to another community's newspaper when it isn't (or shouldn't be) necessary.

The Editor proposes a third alternative which would be Email. A reader would sign up to receive infrequent (occasional as news events happen) SLI News and photo(s) received by email. That way, the Blog remains promotional and those who are interested in being informed of news-type releases, quite often involving negative information (such as in paragraph 1 above but in greater detail), can get it in a timely manner. Email addresses would be "blind copied" ("bcc") so only the Editor would have the email list and it would not be public. It would be the reader's responsibility to keep their email address current.

Your comments would be greatly appreciated.  (updated 9:27 am)

UPDATE 3:32 pm -- Those wanting to be on the SLI News Email List, should 
(1) address it to: and 
(2) Type in the Subject Line: SLI News.
(3) Type in the Message Box: My Personal-Confidential Email address is:
or (4) Type in the Message Box: Share my Email with Everyone else; my email address is:

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