Tuesday, September 5, 2017

3 Lessees of Dock Space want to Rebuild, Watch Willow Inflict More Damages with Each Passing Year

Fast-Growing Tree is Seen as an
Obstacle, Future Threat to 
Replacement, Repairs

 Big Willow Tree pushes upward, raising this pier
(see photo below to the right of the tree).

On the right of photo, the tree pushes upward on the pier causing it to bend upward. On the left of photo, the tree provides pressure downward, on edge of pier, causing reverse side to raise up.

Natural growth of tree pushes on pier causing boards
to rise up and pull apart from their nails.

 Boards come loose and rise up in different directions.

 Observe how high this board is forced to rise in the air
from the downward pressure of the tree.

One pier pushes against another causing damage in different places, some on the opposite side of the pier. At least 3 Institute lessees of dock space are affected by the damage this SLI tree is doing. These docks, overcome by this fast-growing tree, have become a dangerous and unsafe place. The Waterfront Chair was asked to follow up on this for the Board.

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