Saturday, August 12, 2017

Day 3:
Silver Lake Experience 2017;
Saturday Night Concert Huge Success

Dan Saunders, Guy Macaluso, Bill Roberts, Eric Kelly, Tom Kwiecien

The applause, hoots and howls of delight from the sell out crowd gave a very clear indication of the audience's level of pleasure and entertainment, not to mention fond old memories, and great old friends. The hour and a half passed as though it were a mere 45 minutes or less and the audience demanded an encore which they provided. It was the concert of the season, quite possibly the concert of the year, and for some, the concert of a lifetime--at least for those from Perry and Silver Lake. It will long be remembered!

Dan Saunders was up from New York City where he is the Assistant Director of the Metropolitan Opera. Bill Roberts was up from Nashville and, we were told, almost didn't make it here, so extra gratefulness for his arrival. Guy, Eric, and Tom continue to be our local men who remain active in making music for the pleasure of others. Dan Saunders joked respectfully about Eric being "the v-e-r-y Reverend Kelly" having recently become an authorized pastor of the Perry Center Congregational (UCC) Church. The names of the late Don Hughes and Mr. Good were invoked more than once as Perry music teachers of renown and significant influence.

Dan Saunders mostly played the baby-grand piano but occasionally moved over to the electronic keyboard, and then played and sang "What a Wonderful World." Both Bill Roberts and Eric Kelly did several solos. The lighting was professionally handled by John Rooney of the NYC Met, and the new sound system was under the direction of Eric Kelly who also did the installation just recently. Their music was divided into three sections: The Forties (God, Country and Swing), The Fifties (Years of Innocence), and The Sixties (The Revolution--or "age of not being sure where we were"). There was levity, fun, and some serious moments when songs were dedicated to lost loved ones in the War. Overall, the presentation was a fun, heart-warming and memorable experience!

Dan Saunders described the musical transitions and provided humor. 
(K. Schaefer photo)

Bill Roberts pictured above in song. (K. Schaefer photo)

Sharon Pratt is pictured above giving a preliminary introduction but also revealing that she was not one of Mr. Good's better musical students. She said he didn't like the way she was playing her clarinet nor the way she used her voice in choir. Nevertheless, her feelings and respect for him continue as she also introduced other members of his family.  (K. Schaefer photo)

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