Thursday, August 10, 2017

Day 1:
Silver Lake Experience 2017

Updated 2:03 and 3:05 am 8-11-17

The very popular addition to the SLE 2017 is the "Epworth Cafe," partially pictured above, which is stocked with a ample variety of Continental Breakfast items including eggs, albeit hard boiled, bagels, fresh sliced fruit salad, and large variety of pastries, juices and both choices of coffee. Conversation and talking with both strangers and friends--both of which now feel like fiends. ... 3 above photos by N. Sellar

Thank you, Perry Market Place, for a spectacular continental breakfast at the 2017 Silver Lake Experience! (And thanks to Davina from Asbury Retreat Center for setting it all up beautifully at the crack of dawn!)   ... photo and caption by L. Penman

Kathy Henig tends the 
SLE merchandise Store.

Julie Hoffner and Lisa Henig

Pictured on the left is Presenter Bob Murphy, and on the right is SLE Head Nurse Barb Aker tending the Presenters table Thursday morning.

Pictured above is the SLE's 2017 "Fill the Boat" campaign for children in need of personal hygiene items which can not be purchased with food stamp money, so they often go without. Angel Action insures that they do not have to go without.

Greg Franklin, left, serving as SLI Chaplain, and Don Weaver, right, serving as Chairperson of the SLI Worship Committee, are two of the three clergy members of the SLE Planning Committee, the third being Doug Wilson. All three are resident members of SLI. They are pictured here as the SLE Committee gathers around the stage to be introduced as part of the opening ceremony.  ...5 above photos by N. Sellar

A Clear and Distinctive Highlight of Thursday afternoon was the presentation of "A Tinker's Tale" (short form)
There is no doubt in our minds that the fiery red head, Matt Duncan, who played Tink in Jim and Jeanne Morey's musical comedy became the star of the show, "A Tinker's Tale," which was acted and sung in a short form for SLE's "dinner theatre" for the Thursday lunch meal. The entire musical will be presented in April at the Genesee Community College campus in Batavia. Part of the Tinker's Tale ensemble included these fine combination of actors--local talent and talent from New York:
... photos by N. Sellar

A Few Workshop Photos
Rev. Dr. Don Weaver recreates Russell Conwell's famed presentation, "Acres of Diamonds," in historic Epworth Hall at the Silver Lake Institute, Perry, NY.

 Isn't the afternoon light in the Hoag Art Gallery at the Silver Lake Institute stunning?

Artist Sandra Tyler assists budding painters with their watercolors masterpieces at the 2017 Silver Lake Experience (and Institute staff member Fred Schuknecht, in orange, helps!)   ... 2 photos above with captions by L. Penman

After many workshops,
we closed the day with
the RPO Brass Quintet
The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra Brass Quintet performed at Epworth Hall tonight (after scrumptious desserts from the Glen Iris Inn). What a great close to a fabulous day at the 2017 Silver Lake Experience!  (photo and caption by Loren Penman)

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