Friday, August 11, 2017

Ames Ave. Walking Path Considered Added Bonus by Many Using It

What seemed to be the impossible deadline to have the walkway open for the registrants and guests of the Silver Lake Experience, Aug. 10-13, erupted in a last minute push by those committed to the project to devote extra evening hours to make it happen. Each volunteer played a key role in getting it done.

The posting of signs was absolutely essential because there was no other publicity that got out to the SLE registrants. The amazing and wonderful thing is that those who used the Walkway, did so having discovered it on their own through the signs and the added colored flags which pointed the way and helped assure people they were on the walkway and not on other people's property.

Even the golf carts were trying to avoid Perry Ave. and appeared to be very cautious and considerate toward the walkers, who of course had the top priority. The walkway appeared to remain clear of all obstacles throughout the day and night, with many thanks to the neighbors of the walkway who went out of their way to accommodate the guests to their neighborhood.

Particular thanks to Fred Schuknecht and Lisa Schiske for putting up the signs and flags. Thanks also to Dan Dake for eliminating the "hill" of soil and flattening it out. Thanks to Jill Knitter and Chuck for coordinating the efforts to get the hard work requiring equipment accomplished with a special word of thanks to Bob Buza and his Bobcat for delivering enough loads of mulch, as the sun was setting, to cover the walkway from Haven Ave. to Hamline Ave. so it would be smooth and mud-free--a very significant contribution. Thanks to Bob Cook for trimming all the bushes, vines, and tree limbs along the allegedly illegal fence placed 5 to 6 feet onto the Ames right-of-way years ago which causes the walkway to narrow down along the 66 feet of fence.

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