Tuesday, July 11, 2017

3 Local Municipalities Alleged to have Violated NYS Open Meetings Law;
SLA Director Writes NYS AG

SILVER LAKE, NY — SUNY Professor Frank V. Bright, Ph.D., reportedly serving on the Silver Lake Association's Board of Directors, has written to the New York State Attorney General because "It appears that public servants within the Town of Perry, Town of Castile, and Village of Perry (all in Wyoming County) are violating New York State Open Meeting laws."

Dr. Bright alleges that a group of public servants has set up a "Dredging Committee" to which they invited a limited number of persons without filing a public notice in the Town and Village's local newspaper, the Perry Herald--the place normally used for such public legal notices. When Dr. Bright learned of the meetings, including one scheduled for June 29th, he and a couple of neighbors went to attend it. 

They soon discovered that the June 29th meeting had been allegedly rescheduled for July7th, but the meeting was not held on that date either. Dr. Bright writes that "at the July 8th Silver Lake Association meeting one member of our Board mentioned that a member of the Dredging Committee told him that they just wanted to keep these meetings private. The holding of public meetings by public servants on public business seems directly at odds with New York State Open Meetings law," concluded Dr. Bright.

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