Tuesday, May 16, 2017

7 Haven Ave. Sits in Full View of SLI's Main Drag, Perry Ave.; Was that Roof Line Known at Time of Bldg. Permit?

Want to see the front porch and its dangerous condition with considerable critter traffic? For story and more pictures, click on "read more..."

This once-beautiful and once-quaint cottage with fireplace has been left to fend for itself for over 10 years except for the very unusual west-side extension of the roof which is approximately 6 years old. The out-of-state owner has previously said that he was not interested in selling but wanted to keep it as a spare home. Recent calls to the owner have discovered he is now asking $50,000.00, presumably "as is." It is most likely not listed with a realtor because realtors do not sell "as is," but conform to all NYS regulations regarding the sale of a home.

Since neither the SLI nor the neighbors can control its sale, we are left to issuing our complaints to the Zoning Officer of the Town of Castile who is fully aware of the problem and is "moving" to get something done. Laws of the late 1890s would have allowed the SLI to remove ownership of the property from the delinquent property owner, but legal advice today is that such action would not hold up in this century's court rooms. Neighbors and other SLI residents are entitled to call the Zoning Officer to register their complaint. He is David Swede, 51 north Main Street, PO Box 179, Castile, NY 14427, (585) 493-2233.

The issue of financial penalties has been brought up on occasion which would add penalties onto the tax bill. Penalties that add up and are not paid are not very effective since current owners simply do not pay and it is only reconciled when the property is sold or transferred, and the new owners are made to pay. The answer to this is that a lien can be placed on the property so the old owner will have to reveal the penalties due to the new prospective owners which then becomes a part of the price negotiations, but SLI does not currently have an additional budget for the placement of liens on properties. It is not known, at this point, if the property owner could also be billed for court costs. The question becomes, Is it worth it all? This writer believes it is, but I can't be sure if the majority would go along with it. Any better ideas?

Other signs of unfettered deterioration . . .



  1. Hi Greg:
    So glad to read the blog post on the decrepit cottage, which is such a distressing eyesore. Very helpful to know the history and facts in the situation. Obviously a concerted effort will be the most effective approach and you're getting the ball rolling . Thanks so much.

    Your suggestion to have your readers call the Castile Zoning Officer will be more likely to be adopted if you include his contact information. I looked it up but not everyone will . So would you post it in the article if you can edit it in or put it as a separate item if not. (I keep failing to be able to post comments in the blog. I will have to learn this summer.) Anyhow, he is: David Swede, 51 north Main Street, PO Box 179, Castile, NY 14427, (585) 493-2233.

    See you in a couple of weeks.


  2. Nancy,

    I can barely find the words to thank you. I had every intention of going back and inserting Swede's information, and it completely got by me. Your email has been a life-saver! Many thanks!