Thursday, April 13, 2017

SLI Cost Estimates Now In for this
Season's Work on Roads, Drainage

As previously announced, there are three road projects this season and one major drainage project that were approved. Paving is slated for (1) Fowler Ave., and paving/repair for trouble spots on the portion of (2) Embury around Stoody Hall. One major fix for a troublesome "bump" in the road is planned for (3) Wesley Ave. near Perry Ave.  Two paving projects are currently approved for 2018: West Embury from Lakeview to Park Ave., and Thompson from Wesley north to just beyond Wolcotts'.

The drainage project is to fill the hazardous Perry Ave. open ditch from Wesley north to Monroe on the east side of Perry Ave. (Perry Ave. is our only public road within the bounds of the Institute.) The Town of Castile will do all excavation work, provide all the labor, stone and top fill. The Institute would only be required to supply the drainage pipe at a cost of $2,928.00.

The SLI Board accepted Hume's proposal with regard to the three road projects for 2017, which is in two parts: $8,792.88 for labor, and with the blacktop included, rises to $10,679.50 (201.5 tons at an estimated cost of $53.00 per ton). Exact pricing won't be known until closer to the paving dates because of the fluctuation in oil prices. The price will also determine whether we can keep this year's paving plans in place, or even add a project from next year's calendar if the price of oil and asphalt is down. Another variable is that the tonnage estimate is for 3 inches pavement depth which can go under (like 2015 by $2,000) or over (like 2016 by $1,000).

The Board agreed that doing Lower Embury and Thompson in 2018 for $13,046 was a good plan, as was the suggestion that the road budget line item for 2017 of $10,000 be raised for 2018 to $15,000 to cover next year's road plans. All seemed to agree that the safety of our roads is preeminent. Now we just need the Town of Castile and/or Village of Perry to pave Camp Road.

Our road specialist, Craig Bateman, broke out the cost, based on tonnage, per road:
   Road Percentage       Labor    Blacktop    Total
   Fowler 9.2%           $  809    $  983    $1,792
   Wesley Patch 2%       $  176    $  214    $  390
   Embury/Stoody 21.8%   $1,917    $2,328    $4,245
   Embury/Lower 29.8%    $2,620    $3,182    $5,802
   Thompson 37.2%        $3,271    $3,973    $7,244

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