Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sharon Stolfas, wife of Ernie, Flown to Strong with Complications from Cancer

Sharon Stoltzfus was flown to Strong Memorial Hospital and put on life support this morning (Thursday) due to complications in her condition with cancer. Many know Ernie from some of the excellent work he has put in on Institute homes over the years. Let's remember this beautiful Menonite couple in our thoughts and prayers this week.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

'Bible Study' Task Force to Meet and Determine Nature, Goals of the Study

Inquiries began in August about an over-the-winter study of the Bible and there seemed to be a degree of interest. The Chaplain is now forming a Task Force to examine what level of interest there is, and also to begin to determine what type of Study. 

Some like to begin with generalized studies such as "Where did the Bible Come from?" or "Who put all those individual scrolls into one large book?" or "What do they mean that the Christian Bible contains Jewish Scripture?" Others prefer to dive right in the deep end and study the individual characters and writers of the individual scrolls such as Genesis, Daniel, Isaiah, Mark, Luke, or Revelation (John).

"I would like to try to pull this Task Force together in Early October," said the Chaplain. Anyone interested in joining the Task Force to discuss potential goals, frequency, and starting date(s) should contact Chaplain Greg at or 585-444-7384. Let him know if any of these dates work for you in this planning stage: 10/3, 10/5, 10/6 or 10/7 around 2:00 p.m.

Original SLI News Blog is Back

Earlier this month, following the publishing of two cutting-edge stories, it was decided that the change in style did not fit the broadest possible audience within the Institute in spite of the existent extremes of opinion. It was announced that we were returning to our "original promotional blog" which turned out to be in error. Upon researching, we made the rather quick discovery that the blog was never registered as anything other than a news blog. We regret the error. Our intention remains the same, which is to stabilize the news presentations and keep them de-sensationalized. 

'The Brown House' on Hamline
Now Up For Sale

 West side of cottage.
North or back side of cottage.
We gave you the heads up on this one last week, but now the For Sale sign has appeared in the window at 18 Hamline Ave., owned by John Polland. The asking price is $45,000. Contact the owner at 585-704-6059.

Good Water Pressure Slated to Arrive as Early as End of this Week, No
Later than End of this Month

To those who have consistently been experiencing very low water pressure, any additional period of waiting time is not particularly good news. Even so, the Chief Inspector of the water pressure project was willing to give us the most recent low down on the project, noting that the Town of Castile was planning to put a letter out updating the residents on what appears to be the last two weeks before the pressure is set and turned on.

Those who needed new hookups have now received them--the majority of us did not need new hookups--and there is water in all the lines. Learning the big, new pump and regulating the pressure is now the order of the day. There seems to be a high degree of caution being exercised to insure that the water pressure does not exceed a safe level for old pipes or new pvc lines.

Within the Institute, Thompson Ave. is the most problematic of our areas of low pressure since Thompson is "at the top of the hill."  Actually the "meadow" is the top of the hill but Thompson is the closest street with housing in considerable need of more pressure. If you stand by the Camp Road SLI sign at the top of the hill and look toward the Perry water tower, you can easily see why Thompson Avenue suffers low pressure. The mid-range of the water tower appears to be ground level with "the top of the hill," making for even lower pressure at the Charcoal Corral.

Better pressure could be in place by this time next week, but "by the end of the month" is supposed to be the hard-fast deadline. Just a matter of "days away"!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It's the 'Angle of the Sun' and that Occasional Yellow Leaf ...

Even if we did not have a calendar or computer to tell us it is September 19th, we would be reminded on almost a daily basis of just how close Autumn is! The position and angle of the earth allows less of the sun's light to enter my living room, so even the middle of the day is not as bright and jubilant as the very same time of day in June and July. As long as the majority of trees and bushes stay peppered with their varied shapes and sizes of green leaves, and then eventually multicolored leaves, I will be as content as I can be, not only reminding myself that I had almost a full six months to enjoy the plant life, but also did not have to spend one day in worry or concern about a threatening hurricane, earthquake, flood, snake in my sewer pipe, or misplaced alligator in my backyard. And when the house is hot from a day filled with baking, roasting, and cooking at Thanksgiving, there's nothing more appropriately refreshing than the brisk, cool (or cold) breezes of late fall outside. When I count my blessings, I am reminded of the old secular song, "I feel good . . . I knew I would!"

Monday, September 18, 2017

 Special Weather Statement
Weather Updated: Sep 18 6:10PM
Issued by the National Weather Service
For Wyoming County, New York


No Report from Castile's Public Hearing, But Professor Bright
Makes Written Comments

Last Thursday night at 7 pm was the town of Castile public hearing for the proposed Solar energy systems law. Many around the Lake had prior commitments and were not able to attend.  SLA President Mark Emerson was able to obtain a copy of the proposed law and Professor Frank Bright was able to study it and make written comments in the right hand margin. The entire law and Prof. Bright's comments are attached under "Read More>>" below. (Click on "Read More>>")

On Monday, SLA President Mark Emerson wrote to members of the Castile Town Board, asking them to read the questions which Frank Bright and the SLA have come up with regarding the Solar Energy Systems. In his communication to them he said, "Attached is Article XIV: Solar Energy Systems--The local law amending the Zoning law of the Town of Castile to regulate Solar Energy Systems. Frank Bright and the SLA has come up with a few questions regarding this proposal. We would like the Town board to review these questions and send a written reply to Frank and "carbon Copy" our board for review. Thank you for your timely response to this matter."

Planning Team Forming for First
Mid-Winter 'Survivor Lunch' for
Late January, Early February

The first off-season, mid-winter event for 2017-2018 is taking shape from an idea shared with Chaplain Greg this past weekend. The Chaplain is inviting those who have spoken to him this past summer about having winter activities for year-round SLI residents including those who frequent their cottages during the winter. It is hoped that the planning team will be quickly able to firm up some already expressed ideas and offers. 

The Chaplain will organize the planning team, help establish dates, locations, food, and possible background music. The current thinking is for an Open House format, all depending on the number of responses received. We hope to work with Asbury if the reservations exceed cottage-space. Along with fun mingling, we will make provisions for several areas of common interests to be available so persons can join with others interested in some of the same things.

If you are interested in being a part of the Planning Team, the first planning session has been set for Saturday, October 28 at 10 am at 29 Haven Ave. (one block south of Genesee Ave. as you travel Perry Ave. south. So far planning volunteers include: Chaplain Greg, Kris and Glynne Schultz, Fred and Esther Schuknecht, and Linda Peet. Let us know if you would like to join us in the planning stage.

Watch this SLI Blog for dates, times and places but also, if you desire email or telephone communication concerning this information, please email Chaplain Greg at or call 585-444-RevG (7384). You will receive information about the mid-winter event in whatever form is easiest and most convenient for you.

Don't be Sleeping Beauty this winter, be the Handsome Prince looking for something fun and beautiful!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Brief, New Blog History in Progress
Installment #2

The history of the Silver Lake Institute's first Blog and web presence is very short in comparison with the mother institution. The pre-cursor to the Institute was a group of Methodist Episcopals who planned and executed Camp Meetings from 1848 to 1857 when they first asked for legal recognition from the State of New York and received it in the form of a charter and non-profit corporation "under the jurisdiction of the Methodist Episcopal Church." 

The Blog, on the other hand, was begun in 2010 as an independent entity, but open, at that time, to being adopted by the Institute. The Board was in no rush to have it under its umbrella of responsibilities, so it continued under the name of SLI Chaplain and then-SLI-Treasurer, Gregory A. Franklin in whose name the domain name ( is registered. The web site location is hosted by Google's Blogspot under the name of, also registered under the Franklin name.

The Blog history to date is easy to remember if thought of in three triads--beginnings (2010-2012), the UNY Conf. Problem (2013-2015), and The New Institute (Feb. 2, 2016 to present).

The first triad (2010-2012) was a time of gathering information and developing the various user-friendly formats into separate blog pages to accommodate the information such as the Who's Who page, the Handbook page, the Institute History page, the Trustee Page, the Trustee Minutes page, the Worship Schedule page, the Obituary page, and the Slip Waiting List page. This included "outside" links on other servers such as the Epworthian, Lake Cameras, the Event Calendar, the Building Use Calendar, the Heritage Walkway Descriptive Paragraphs page, and the Charter page.

The first triad was also a time of introducing volunteers to the mechanisms of the Blog, so they could be helpful in making contributions. Lisa Schiske volunteered and was put to work adding news articles and event posters. Suzanne Bristow was already coordinating Heritage Walkway bricks, so she volunteered to type the descriptive paragraphs for the bricks directly into the Blogspot's word processor and converter. Others contributed photographs such as Loren Penman, Kathy Schaefer, Nancy Culley Sellar, and Lisa Schiske. 

The Blog also began to develop its mission and purpose statements and was designated a News Blog early on within the first year. After sharing a joint mission with SilverLakeNYNews.Blog from Dec. 15, 2016 through mid August, 2017, the Blog announced it was returning to its original purpose of being a "promotional blog." This was later to be found in error since there was no historical evidence of it ever being exclusively a promotional blog. During the Blog's time in union with the SilverLakeNYNews.Blog, it was discovered through trial and error, that the individual neighborhoods of the Institute, did not wish to read about their well known "unique" or "troubled" neighborhood personalities who were in a frequent state of rules violation. A course correction was done to eliminate sensationalized or "cutting edge" stories.

Brief, New Blog History in Progress will Help in Blog's SLI History: Some
Old News with New Twists

The Blog will be eight years old next Spring. We're in the process of writing a brief Blog History. We're discovering that the piecing together of news items with their dates in a chronological manner is helping us to recall details not recently thought about and those details should be written down before they're lost in time.

We have also been given Board of Trustee Minutes from 2000 and 2001 which may help us to do some work on the history of SLI in this new millennium. Anyone with copies of minutes later than 2001 is welcome to either write about them as your contribution (please reference them), or turn them in for us to write about.

We will be releasing the material as each small section is completed, and this means anyone with any details not included in our memory of it may contribute their recollections of a time or event either in the comment section below or by email. We will insert your material and label it as belonging to you so your recollections can be used verbatim as opposed to researched and edited which would defeat the real purpose in asking you to participate. Could there be contradictions? Could be; let's see what happens; it should make for fun reading. Installment #2 coming later today.

Created 3/21/2016; Used April 2016
at the corners of Perry and Wesley Avenues.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

 Special Weather Statement
Weather Updated: Sep 16 5:12AM
Issued by the National Weather Service
For Wyoming County, New York


Friday, September 15, 2017

Ingenuity and Creativity
Add Up to Getting Things Done

"Dream Along
With Me"
There will be some who remember the colorfully flagged Ames Ave. Walkway as one of the detail highlights of the 2017 Silver Lake Experience. For others, it may fade from memory. But for Bob Cook and his enthusiastic team of Long Range Planners, their love of Ames Ave. Walkway runs deep; it is both historical and current in its serving of current generational needs. Most importantly, Bob's creation helps both visitors and locals locate the exact beginning and end of the walkway.

One thing is painfully clear and that is that money is tight and even in the area of memorial contributions there is a limit and most folks have the replacement of the Epworth roof on their collective minds. So after considering and pricing arbors and then mason pillars with lights, Bob turned to ingenuity--his! He considered that what couldn't be afforded just might be able to be reproduced with skillful hands and such is what you see pictured here (photo on right), from the hands and skill of Bob Cook. His creation can also be removed and replaced for late fall and spring.

One response to Bob distributing the photo of his handwork asked about there being no labeling or street sign. The Blog's sketch artist provided one possible answer as he sketched out what that possibility might look like (see left illustration).

Although the precise lot lines, and thus the lines of Ames Ave. Walkway, have not yet been determined, but Bob, Chair of LRPC, has given us something realistic about which to dream while we work at putting the details of a shared "avenue" between parking for property owners and the Ames Ave. Walkway's main purpose--providing a direct and safe walkway between Burt Park area residents and both Epworth Hall and the facilities of Asbury Camp & Retreat Center which is absolutely essential for Silver Lake Experience 2019 and helps others set on getting to the Epworth concerts and worship services.

Publisher of Blog Submits Request to Board to include Renters in Plan for Prospective New Property Owners

Chaplain Greg
Late Thursday the Editor of the SLI Blog submitted a late evening request to the SLI Board of Trustees via email and in the form of a Handbook entry, to have prospective renters included in the latest plan being discussed to vet prospective new property owners. The prospective property owners' plan is, basically, to:

(1) have an official statement(s) that can be published for use by real estate agents who have requested some assistance in talking about the Institute, its programs, responsibilities, and basic lifestyle. (2) initiate an "Orientation/Welcome Meeting" that all prospective land owners (prospective members) are able to attend to get detailed information about the Institute and for the Committee to get to know the new prospective buyers as prospective members and participants at the Institute.

Even though the Long Range Planning Committee has volunteered to serve in the capacity of running an "Orientation/Welcome Meeting," and other volunteers have come forward, it is still hoped that at least some of the Board of Trustees will be actively involved in the vetting process by being part of as many "Orientation/Welcome Meetings" as possible. It is also hoped that a requirement will be written in the property owners' agreement that the prospects bring three (3) names and phone numbers of references with them to the "Orientation/Welcome Meeting" which should not be family or friends.

Rev. Franklin's request Thursday night to include prospective renters in the "Orientation/Welcome Meeting" plan did incorporate prospective renters bringing three (3) names of references and their phone numbers to their "Orientation/Welcome Meeting. The plan for renters also included providing copies of the Lease agreed upon between the Lessor and the Lessee, and how to handle violations of the rules once the new renters are moved in. (This can be read in detail by going to the "Rental Requirements" tab above. The Plan is #1; the Request to the Trustees to consider a rental requirement is under the same tab as #2.)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Previously Owner-Occupied 72 Janes Now One of Our Full Time Rentals

A well known Perry Village family had the need to relocate out of the Village in the last few weeks and was able to convince an owner-occupied homeowner to take their year-round cottage off the market and rent it to this Village family. Although not yet verified, it appears that it is a family of five or six with two of the presumed four children being stocky teenagers, which make them appear on the older side of teen which may not be the case. 

With the Smart family children having returned to their home across the street from the new arrivals, and the Myers' house, neighbors have quite the daily parade of children going to and returning from the Perry Schools. Owner of "the Brown House" on Hamline was overheard today telling another neighbor that he is putting his "Brown House" up For Sale so there may come a time when we lose one of our neighborhood middle-school-age children if his family sells and moves.


With so much activity in the SLI real estate market and rental market, I do hope we are able to get a new vetting policy in place at our October meeting, so we don't lose out to all these new owners and renters who know little or nothing about us and yet live in such a specialized area as the Silver Lake Institute.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Good Samaritan Removes Docks Damaged by Institute Tree so Replacement Can Begin

Prayers and Condolences

The mother of Shirley Spencer has passed away. Shirley, wife of Rev. Doug Spencer, is a member of our Outreach Knitting Group here at SLI and both are year-round residents. The funeral will be at the convenience of the family, reported the Upper NY Conference of the UM Church.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Yesterday's Article on Improvement:
It's Important Enough to Clarify

"But without knowledge of what is happening on the grounds, there is little chance for change and improvement to take place" -- Although this closing statement was preceded by a discussion of where to locate SLI news, the statement had much broader implications. In hindsight, the article should have continued on from that point:

The 2002 SLI Handbook is being updated and some portions re-written containing additional information and recommendations for eventual consideration and approval by the current SLI Board. In order to update, the appointed updaters need to understand all the good and not-so-good in order to have a Handbook worthy of the name. The community of neighbors must also have some knowledge of what is good and not-so-good in order to have faith in the book's accuracy and fairness in the book's procedures.

We are an urban-style community, half of us living here on 33-feet wide by 66-feet deep lots, and occasionally we wind up with urban style difficulties. There must be effective enforcement procedures to keep control on those apparently unaccustomed to control. Most neighborhoods in SLI can name at least one person in their vicinity who has created problems or unpleasantness for their neighbors. (This reference is not made toward anyone living on or adjacent to Ames Ave. They are being cooperative neighbors.)

The problems are caused by either a lack of knowledge of our SLI rules or an unwillingness to pay any attention to them. As far as current enforcement goes, when was the last time you heard of any of the fines currently listed in the book being given out for violations? Most will agree that we have an enforcement problem.

The Handbook Updaters will be interviewing management companies who literally provide all the oversight of properties such as ours including enforcement of the rules. They hope to then make a recommendation for the Board to interview at least one company who they believe can make a major contribution to continued and improved life in our SLI community. We are confident that the Board will give it its fullest consideration.

Monday, September 11, 2017

'I Believe Every Community
Should Be Striving to Be a
Better Place in which to Live'

'I Personally Subscribe to the Teachings of Jesus 
and the Community of the Silver Lake Institute' 

I spend a lot of time reading, writing, and analyzing history. Of the last few years, the emphasis has been the roots of the Silver Lake Institute, its spiritual history, its neighboring secular history, and the methods by which the Institute kept up with its times and people. Without an awareness of an Institution's needs or opportunities for change and improvement, there is little hope for change and improvement to take place. This is true of both programming and of living daily life on the grounds of the Institute.

Even back in the 1880s and 1890s, residents found they needed a daily newspaper to keep up with it all that was going on. Back then, the good news, activities and events were carried by the promotional publication known as the Silver Lake Herald, and the more risque, human, and physical stories were carried by the newspaper known as the Perry Herald. The leaders of the 1880s wanted religion to be a part of daily life and not on a pedestal occasionally dusted off and looked at.

There is no record of the Assembly people of the 1880s objecting to the Perry Herald publishing what some might call the "dirty laundry" of the Institute, then-known as the Assembly. Some of the preachers' best illustrations were taken from the "unscheduled" events that took place on the grounds. The photo below is of the Silver Lake Herald published on behalf of Camp Wesley, about a year before Camp Wesley's name change to Silver Lake Assembly.

Our history here at The Silver Lake Institute should be a constant reminder that we are a product of change and improvement. Our origins in Bergen, NY, were that of a revivalist community with fanatical-like zeal to get people in our midst to completely change and improve their thinking and way of life into a life of "biblically based" principles. I emphasize "biblically based" because the early rules were based on much broader principles than those of the teachings of Jesus Christ alone.

Today I made a list of ten (10) basic changes and improvements that the Institute went through during its history. It had its share of down times and times when they were disappointed in people and their actions, but most were followed by a change that brought improvement. Back then they had the Perry Herald and the Preachers to remind them of the areas of life and living that needed improvement(s). Dare I say that some of us would be embarrassed today by the things they thought necessary to be discussed and improved?

Today our promotional media, for example, the Blog, is much more colorful, illustrative, and photo-journalistic than the solid pages of type so often used in the media of yesteryear (as illustrated above). And as of this week, our news stories are not only as honest and truthful as those in the Perry Herald of those early years, but now we have the option of reading them in the privacy of our email with little or no public exposure. But without knowledge of what is happening on the grounds, there is little chance for change and improvement to take place. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Without Public Comment, Readers Begin Signing Up for Private
'SLI News Group'

You have heard it said that people are voting with their feet, or voting with their wallet or purse, but I think this just might be a first--people are voting with their email addresses. While they're at it, they are including a few words of thanks for the efforts being made on their behalf.

"I'm not sure exactly what I expected out of that unusual article," said Blog Publisher Greg Franklin, "Nevertheless, I have to admit I was a little surprised to begin receiving 'confidential' email addresses instead of a discussion or request for vote. I'm very pleased it turned out in such a non-controversial way which appears to be serving the greatest number of people without interfering with other people's reading experiences with the Blog."

The Blog has returned back to the basic format of being promotional in nature, dwelling on the best of the Silver Lake Institute's finest qualities, activities, and services. Any news happenings that do not meet the standards of promotional will be provided by email to those who become members of the SLI News Group. Being a part of the SLI News Group is easy. Simply send your confidential email address to and you will be sent news involving SLI by way of "blind copied" ("bcc") email which means no one gets to see your address except the Editor.

Here's exactly how to do it:
Those wanting to be on the SLI News Email List, should 
(1) address it to: and 
(2) Type in the Subject Line: SLI News.
(3) Type in the Message Box: "My Personal-Confidential Email address is:"
or (4) Type in the Message Box: "Share my Email with Everyone else; my email address is:"

Editor's Policy Question
Given Over to Blog Readers

By the strictest of definitions, a promotional blog, has no business in "the news business." Just two days after vowing to return to the promotional blog format, the Editor became aware of a late Saturday night "breaking and entry" in addition to some unwarranted damage having taken place in a currently unoccupied structure on the SLI grounds. Those wanting a promotional blog with no "cutting edge" stories (usually defined as "negative" stories) do not want to learn about such news on their promotional blog. By strict definition, they are correct.

There is another viewpoint, however, expressed by some of our other readers that there is no other way of knowing this type of information except through the instrument of the Blog. Further, they tell me that they have a right to know and it should not be anyone else's right to withhold information that is relevant to the community (not even the Blog Editor). They reject the idea of paying a subscription to another community's newspaper when it isn't (or shouldn't be) necessary.

The Editor proposes a third alternative which would be Email. A reader would sign up to receive infrequent (occasional as news events happen) SLI News and photo(s) received by email. That way, the Blog remains promotional and those who are interested in being informed of news-type releases, quite often involving negative information (such as in paragraph 1 above but in greater detail), can get it in a timely manner. Email addresses would be "blind copied" ("bcc") so only the Editor would have the email list and it would not be public. It would be the reader's responsibility to keep their email address current.

Your comments would be greatly appreciated.  (updated 9:27 am)

UPDATE 3:32 pm -- Those wanting to be on the SLI News Email List, should 
(1) address it to: and 
(2) Type in the Subject Line: SLI News.
(3) Type in the Message Box: My Personal-Confidential Email address is:
or (4) Type in the Message Box: Share my Email with Everyone else; my email address is:

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Some Year-Round Residents Plan to Checkout New Winter Get-Togethers

SLI Chaplain Greg Franklin is planning to respond to a number of requests to give "winter" or "year-round" residents an opportunity to get together several times during the long, all-too-quiet SLI winters for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, apple cider, donuts and pastries as one or more groups of common interest. Here are some of the ideas given to him by persons already interested in trying it out:

(1) A group whose basic interest is in talking about the High's and Low's of being a SLI Year-Round Resident; (2) A group of moms or dads of school age children who want a cup of something hot after getting their children onto the school bus, talking about school issues or parental issues or the humor or frustration in one or the other; (3) A group wanting to know how such an old "book" such as the Bible was so important to our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, but today is all but ignored by today's generations? (4) A group just enjoying talking about their personal interests such as music, family, sports, American government, or other. UPDATE:  (5)  we are interested in social get togethers and we are looking for folks who like to play bridge or other cards.    Would be neat to have close friends here over the winter to "hang out with".

Another person said, "Who knows . . . maybe folks would enjoy getting together for Thanksgiving..." If groups were small enough, we could meet in a volunteer home ("such as Greg's" on Haven). If larger, we are already in talks for space at the Asbury Retreat Center. Participants may also have ideas on where and how to do it. We also need to know how many Year-Round Residents have cable with online capability to be able to read announcements on this Blog or a better place.

If you think you might be interested or even just interested in checking it out, you can leave a reply below this article, or email, or phone 585-444-RevG (7384), or P.O. Box 19 at our P.O.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Trustee Board Minutes, Annual Cottage Owner Minutes Up to Date,
On New Menu Tabs

The Monthly Meetings Minutes of the Board of Trustees have been brought up to date for 2017 and published under the menu tab titled "Trustee Meetings." The Minutes of the Annual Cottage Owners for 2016 and 2017 can be found under the menu tab titled "Annual Mtg." Those listed as in "Draft Status" means they need to be Board-approved before they become official.

Publisher Drops 'News Blog' format Effective Immediately; Vows Return
To Pre-December Promotional format

The heavy-weight News Blog is morphing back into the old light-weight SLI blogspot. You will continue to receive news over the "off season" (fall, winter, spring months) but not necessarily on an hourly basis. Thanks to those who have helped me to make the decision that I have been contemplating for the last two months. I think most will be happy about it.

Last December, I initiated an experiment which was combining the light-weight promotional SLI blog with a new, more heavy-weight news blog. Perhaps it was the newness of it all that gave me the impression that people liked the new direction (or at least most of the ones who were in regular dialogue with me). 

After seven (7) and one-half months, I have concluded that the news blog format is not appropriate for our small community. It is also far more time consuming than a simple, promotional blog like we had before last December, and basically, I need more time for other projects both personal and professional.

I am taking immediate action to discontinue the news blog format ( and will allow that domain to expire this December and not renew. I will run only the promotional blog ( It is my strong desire that you will continue to enjoy the blog even without as many entries.

I am very much open to hearing your comments, suggestions, and definitely receiving your contributions to the Blog about family and friends in which others would be equally interested. Without comments, I don't know what you're thinking--what you like and what you don't like. Thanks to those who have let me know.
(Story release: 2 pm Friday 9-8-17)

SLI October Meeting Moved To One Week Later; Other Current Notices

The [SLI] October meeting is changed to Saturday, 
October 14, 2017, from 10-12 Noon at Epworth.

Year-Round Residents to Enjoy Winter

Get-Togethers this 2017-2018 off-season.

Thursday Evening Concerts at SLI's Epworth Hall
move to Friday Evenings in 2018.
[Julie Hoffner]

Bill and Kathy Schaefer celebrating 47 years!
[Little Bird]

Currently trying to help an old pen-pal get to the States
from the Philippines so he can be treated 
here for his cancer.
Just got word: I'm going to be a great-grandpa
for the fourth time in 7 years!
(Probably in the Spring.)