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  • SILVER LAKE OUTLET SAMPLING, a process only good for 5 years, has been completed again. The Village and Town of Perry and the Town of Castile funded the current sampling to the tune of $34,765. The next 2 steps: analysis and report writing.
  • PERRY SCHOOL DISTRICT -- Library Ballot at Perry Library June 6, 2017, from 12 Noon to 9:00 p.m. Election of 2 members to the Library Trustees to fill 3 year terms beginning July 1, 2017. For more info., click HERE.
  • SILVER LAKE EXPERIENCE 2017 -- Two of our presenters have recently been recognized: Jim Montanus just won “Best Rochester Photographer” and Roula Alkhouri was chosen as Genesee County Woman of Distinction for Social Justice.
  • THE SLI ANNUAL TAXES are due June 30, 2017 without penalty.
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  • Thursday, April 13, 2017

    SLI Fallen Leaves Policy;
    Some Have Not Heard

    Those present at the April meeting of the SLI Trustees this month, heard the old familiar information about what to do with the many fallen leaves each Fall, some or many of which remain until Springtime. As a property owner in the Institute, you are not required to rake leaves; although not raking might create unhappy neighbors and unhappy flowers trying to find the sun. If you do rake your leaves, there is only one way to get them picked up and taken to the dump by the Institute and that is when they are bagged in leaf bags and sitting in the front of the property where one would normally place garbage bags.

    SLI does not have a street vacuum as some of our neighboring communities do. Loose leaves should never be piled between the sidewalk and the street unless that area is being used as a staging area for loading the leaves and taking them to the dump by the property owner. The same rule applies to leaves never being piled in the street unless the street is being used as a staging area for loading the leaves and taking them to the dump by the property owner. If you have placed leaves in one or both of these positions, you must appear to be doing the work of eliminating them, and that work must be completed by day's end or the leaves must be taken back onto your property. Anyone being paid to rake leaves needs to be thoroughly informed of these rules.

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