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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Two Instances of Poor Representative Behavior within the Past 24 Hours;
Is Polite Society Gone Forever?

President Trump Shoves Aside PM Montenegro 
in a Crude Effort to Get to the Head of the
Line for the Proposed Photo Shoot
"For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you
not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think,
but to think with sober judgment..." --Romans 12:14

"If My People, who are Called by My Name, will Humble themselves
and Pray ... then I will Heal their Land" --2 Chronicles 7:14

* * * * *

Montana Congressional Candidate Greg Gianforte 
Charged with Misdemeanor Assault after
Choke-hold Body-Slaming Reporter
"So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, 
for this sums up the Law and the Prophets." --Matthew 7:12

UPDATE 12:42 a.m. EST -- The Bully Wins the Special Election;
Apparently, Polite Society is finished in Montana.

'Woody' Woodworth, 85, Thompson Ave. Resident, Died at Home Monday; Celebration of Life Saturday 2:00, VFW

Eugene C. Woodworth
Eugene C. “Woody” Woodworth, age 85, of Silver Lake, New York, passed away at home surrounded by his family and care givers on Monday May 22, 2017. Eugene was born in Gainesville, New York on July 24, 1931, a son to the late Croy and Mary (Bauer) Woodworth.

Eugene was a graduate of Warsaw Central School. He worked for the former Kaustine Furnace and Tank Company in Perry as a welder. He ran the film strips for the former Perry Theater in Perry and the Silver Lake Drive-in for many years, and ran his own electrical business. If “Woody” wasn’t working you would find him in his garage puttering around or working on a vehicle.

He is survived by his children: Julie Johnson of Silver Lake, Rebecca Dailey of Perry, Timothy and Russell Woodworth both of Silver Lake, 1 sister: Mary Lou Matyas of Warsaw, 3 brothers: Fredrick (Norma) Woodworth of Mt. Morris, Charles (Florence) Woodworth of Perry and Merle Woodworth of Pike, 2 sister-in-laws: Patricia Woodworth of Orangeville and Barbara Woodworth of Warsaw, 6 grandchildren: Todd Woodworth, Casey and Lucas Johnson, Kelsey, Jessica and Eric Woodworth, 2 great grandchildren: Willow Woodworth and Pasley Taylor, along with several nieces and nephews. 

A Celebration of Woody’s Life will be held on Saturday June 3rd, 2017 at the Perry VFW, Washington Blvd. in Perry at 2:00 P.M. (In Lieu of flowers) Memorial contributions may be made to the American Cancer SocietyTo send flowers or a remembrance gift to the family of Eugene C. Woodworth, please visit our Tribute Store.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

First of 2 Big Holiday Weekends Present Challenges to SLI's
Limited Space, Services

The Silver Lake Institute's street capacity and budget plan are geared for local residents and their guests. Holidays sometimes give the illusion that most regular rules are up for grabs because of the day or weekend being "special." This is not true and never has been. The Institute throws open its "doors" for the wider community Thursday evenings (Epworth), Sunday mornings (Dock or Epworth), Saturday afternoons (Hoag Art Gallery) and other specially advertised events including the biennial Silver Lake Experience (this year Aug. 10-13).

The SLI and the Asbury grounds are not open to the general public on the Memorial Day Weekend nor on the Independence Day Weekend (this year July 1-4) except for the Children's Bicycle Parade and related events; and the Season Kickoff Worship Service at the SLI Dock on Sunday, July 2 at 10:30 a.m., corner Wesley and Lakeview. A very special and warm welcome is extended to the Silver Lake Community to join us in the Kickoff Service on July 2.

Residents, guests, and visitors are subject to all State and Local laws including:
  1. All Stop Signs must be strictly observed and full stops completed; Maximum Speed on Perry Ave. is 25 mph, while all other SLI streets are 15 mph. Residents with cameras can be helpful by taking photos of license plates for submission to the Sheriff.
  2. No open or closed containers of alcohol are permitted outdoors on the Institute grounds which includes the marina and waterfront slips and general waterfront green area; 
  3. No smoking outdoors within 50 feet of another person, group, or building;
  4. The noise curfew which is in effect from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.; and 
  5. No dumping of illegal products such as TVs, Radios, phones, dishwashers, microwaves, computers, printers, scanners, or any product with a miniaturized CPU or digitized mechanism at the SLI Dump . . . .
Persons with I.D. proof of residency or SLI property ownership must be present to make a dump deposit at the SLI Dump. Guests, Visitors, or other unknown persons without residential I.D. are not permitted use of the SLI Dump under any circumstances whether or not an attendant or guard is present at the time of your arrival. When the chain is across the entrance, the dump is closed.

All residents are empowered to check I.D.s and definitely encouraged to help keep these rules strictly enforced. Residents seeking to submit a violation report should have the license plate number of the vehicle whose driver or passenger is performing the violation, or the violator's NYS Driver's License number (if you requested it) as part of your report submission. Submit to either the Office Mail Slot, 46 Wesley at Janes; or email to:

Memorial Day Traffic Expected to
Hit Record High this Weekend

If you plan to travel for Memorial Day weekend, be prepared to spend some time sitting in traffic. AAA is predicting that 39.3 million Americans will hit the road, take a flight, or otherwise get out of town between Thursday, May 25 and Monday, May 29. That would be the highest level for Memorial Day weekend since 2005, according to AAA.
Airfares, hotels and car rental rates are all higher this Memorial Day compared to last year, up 9 percent, 18 percent and 7 percent, respectively. And despite higher gas prices, most traveling Americans — 88.1 percent, or 34.6 million — will be reaching their destinations by car. About 2.9 million Americans will be flying, an increase of 5.5 percent compared to last year.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sometimes Paint Alone Can
Serve as the 'Miracle' Solution

This is the second cottage from the southeast corner of Ames and Genesee Avenue. (The first cottage is pictured right behind it and to the left. To its right is an empty lot.) This second cottage is significant because it is one of the few remaining original cottages on Ames and one in which has maintained much of its original Victorian flavor. The cottage appears in fairly good shape and could probably appear to be in great shape with just a little paint and the replacement of one upper railing picket. Do we need to mention the removal of the junk that leans up against the downstairs porch (see picture below)?

Pictured above on the left is the left side (east) of the first cottage on Ames. This paint-needy sight is clearly visible when driving west on Genesee Ave. The picture on the right shows the first two cottages on Ames with Burt Park on the left. The Ellis Painter Bucket Truck is parked in the empty lot while preparing to paint the Hoffman cottage to the right of the empty lot.

Julie Andrews: I’ve ‘Just Always’
Been An LGBTQ Ally

Curtis M. Wong is the Senior Editor of HuffPost Queer Voices
For Julie Andrews, being a patron of the arts and an 
LGBTQ rights advocate go hand in hand. 

In a new interview with The Advocate, the legendary star of “Mary Poppins” and “The Sound of Music” credited her years of working in film and on stage for exposing her to diversity early on. When it comes to queer people specifically, Andrews said she’s “just always” been an ally. “Theater, anyway, is such an open community and free,” the Oscar winner said. She went on to note that she was “very aware of bias and bigotry” from a young age, but that she “was raised not to be that way and not to think that way.”
“It always seemed puzzling to me that the world wasn’t just embracing human beings. But it’s never been something that I stumbled on,” she said. “It’s just always been innate, thanks I think to the professions that I am in.” 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Signs of the (Spring) Times

New flowers are in and the side lamps will soon be back.

Sinkhole Appears at Narrow Intersection of Lakeview and
Genesee Early Last Week

It's a difficult intersection when meeting another vehicle in the opposite direction, so now having to squeeze over away from the sinkhole, creates yet another obstacle, in addition to the speed bumps, to make the Lakeview Ave. drive more work and less relaxation. Is this "on the schedule" yet for repair?

Some of the Messiest Residential Locations Showing Signs of New Life; Storage of Vehicles Still Not Permitted

The rest of the property was cleaned up, but just like the use of a broom, it winds up in a dirty, messy pile until the dirty pile is finally removed.

While these two scenes on Janes Ave. near Hamline make the situation appear desperate, the owner has been working diligently on a daily basis to get the property cleaned up. Previously, the "junk" was strewn over the approximate 8 to 10 lots that make up this estate. The owner has now managed to get the larger area cleaned up and this is just the stacking of materials at farthest most point in the property for disposal. After the "junk" is cleared away or put away, there appears to be additional work in the area of painting or other type of touch-up. We of course will be keeping on eye on how expeditiously the remaining work is accomplished. In the meantime, we thank him for the hard work he has been putting into it.

However, this property owner has ongoing violations of Institute rules in terms of the storage of vehicles on the property other than duly licensed and regularly used cars. The vehicle drawing the most residential complaints is this commercial vehicle below sitting on his property about 10 feet from the edge of Janes Avenue:

Prior to its current location, it used to sit in the front yard of 72 Janes Avenue which is diagonally across the street. Complaints, at that time, caused the owner to move the vehicle onto his own property; 2017, however, makes it the second year that this vehicle has been standing around in violation of the Blue Book.

Then, there is the second violation with yet another parked and unused vehicle as shown below as seen from Haven Avenue:
The same vehicle (above) is shown below as it is seen from Genesee Avenue and from the backyards of the Genesee Avenue neighbors:
Some residents--with the exception of his closest neighbors--say it is overdue for a penalty fine.

Mystery Trailer Spotted on Sunday
On SLI Green Space behind Hoag

Just quietly sitting parked with no one in particular attending to it. This is the SLI Green Space located on Lakeview Avenue, corner of Hedding Avenue, right behind the Hoag Memorial Art Gallery.

Residents Getting Busy with Spring Cleanup, Fix-up, Paint-up:
More Inspiring Photos

Look at the beautiful new Victorian-post porches which were just recently completed. The porches were held up with jacks for most of the winter because this was one of the projects which Brad Hennig was working on before he was hospitalized and treated for his cancer. He actually felt good enough this Spring to supervise and help in the finishing of this beautiful project. This cottage sits on the corner of Genesee and Carlton Avenues, diagonally across the street from Park Avenue and next door to the Schiskes' (who are on the corner of Genesee and Perry Avenues). Thanks also to Brad for starting up the water supply to a number of un-winterized cottages for Spring and Summer use this year!

Castile Water Replaces Wooden Stakes
With New, Flexible Metal Ones to
Improve Appearance of Locators

Jake was spotted on Saturday with a helper removing all the SLI's wooden stakes that were placed next to water hydrants for the purpose of locating them in the winter snows, with brand new, shiny flexible metal ones. Now we just need a little green paint on the top of those hydrants!

Epworth Outdoor Modified Stairs (EOMS) May Yet be Finished in Time
For Memorial Holiday Weekend

Taken Sunday 5-21-17

Taken Sunday 5-21-17

Taken Sunday 5-21-17
This was a project developed from scratch by the Executive Committee of the SLI Board of Trustees and brought about primarily through the efforts of Bill Schaefer and Craig Bateman.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Southshores Temp - 66F
     Thundershowers. High: 66
Northshores Temp - 72F
     A Shower this Afternoon;
     Thundershowers Tonight.
     High: 70
SLI/Asbury Temp - 72F

Just One Week Away from the Memorial Day Weekend

Almost hard to believe that we are in the closing weeks of the Institute's Off Season, and that there is only one week remaining before the Memorial Day holiday Weekend. This should be the first of several exciting seasons where the new emphasis of cleanup, fix-up, and beautify our SLI neighborhoods is taking on serious emphasis--and not at all too soon.

Ellis painting reports a number of SLI cottages are on his short- and long-range schedule for complete paint jobs--one beginning this week. The two Arbors for the revitalized Ames Avenue Footpath were approved in principle earlier this month and if the funds come in as verbally indicated, a final approval may be on the horizon for the Saturday, June 3rd meeting of the Trustees. The SLI community is getting excited as a renewed sense of pride is beginning to sweep over the SLI grounds.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

What Do These Four Buildings
Have in Common?

  • All four buildings are owned and insured by the Silver Lake Institute.
  • All four buildings have NO four-digit I.D. number to give to the Fire Dept. if and when a fire call needs to be made.
  • Three of the four buildings are a part of the SLI Historical District.
  • Three of the four buildings have new roofs.**

** New Epworth Roof Chicken Barbecue Fundraiser is July 9 right after 10:30 Service at Epworth 
and includes musical entertainment. Email for free tickets:

Today and Upcoming Week

North Shores
Current Temp 1:35 pm - 61F

South Shores
Current Temp 1:35 pm - 58F

Mid-Shore (SLI)
Current Temp 1:35 am - 63F

Friday, May 19, 2017

Local Hoag Artist, Ryan D. McDanel, Service was Saturday, Perry Baptist

Ryan McDanel
RYAN D. McDANEL age 34, of Perry, New York, went to be with his Lord and Savior on Monday, May 15, 2017. Ryan was born in Rochester on February 5, 1983 the son of Jacqueline (Tuttle) McDanel and the late Douglas McDanel. Along with his father Douglas McDanel, who passed away in 2016 he is preceded in death by his daughter, Mallory Ryan McDanel, who passed in 2016 and grandparents; Raymond McDanel and Raymond (Helen) Hyland.

Ryan was a gifted, generous, compassionate man. He was a graduate of Perry Central School Class of 2001. After graduation, Ryan was a foreign exchange student in Finland through the Perry Rotary Club. He received his Bachelors of Art degree in glass blowing from Anderson University in Indiana in 2006. After graduating from Anderson, he traveled to China and South Korea, where he taught English. In 2014, he started his own business, Cooper Ingenuity. He had a knack for making vessels of light by combining steel and handmade paper. 

Reminder: Nominations Committee
Is Looking for 3 SLI Residents to
Run as 2017-20 Trustees

Please contact Lance Seeber, Chairperson, at:
(585) 237-6639 and Leave a Message; or

The Annual Meeting for SLI Residents is Sat., July 8, 11 am, Epworth.
The Election is held as part of the Annual Meeting.
Editor's Note: We're down to one woman and need more for good decisions!!

Can't be at SLI for all the meetings (Living out of Town)?
Would you be a Trustee if we set up a Conference Call so you could be a part of the meeting from your out-of-town phone location?? The number we give you will bring you right into the meeting with no Pin #'s and no complicated formulas--just instant contact. Contact Greg Franklin with questions about free Conference Calls.

Midnight Radar

"A Severe Thunderstorm Warning" for Wyoming County

Thursday, May 18, 2017

SLI Meadow, a Serene Beautiful Place;
SLI 'Dump' is Modern, Clean, Organized
But We Do Have a Dumper(s) Problem

For those unacquainted with the SLI Meadow and SLI Dump, this circa 1900 map below shows the position of the area back when the Meadow was the Athletic Field toward the North (left), and the Dump heads off toward the East by staying on the road.
KEY: Black Print - original circa 1900 map. Blue Print - Updates 2017.
Wesley Ave. becomes Wesley Road as it crosses Thompson Ave. moving east (top).
An updated satellite view of the North and East ends of the Institute include the top-down view of the meadow, the dump, and the surrounding forest.
I asked our hard working president of SLI to give us a summary of the Dump and its operation. He did a concise yet comprehensive description when he said, 

"In the dump there is a pile of leaves for composting. There is a pile of wood chips from tree branches. There is a pile of scrap metal. There is two dumpsters that are locked for Dan to use for weekly collection. If residents want to take loose leaves to the dump it shouldn't be a problem but [residents] should communicate with Dan." Dan is SLI's Groundsman and has charge of the Shop-Garage-Office, the Meadow and Dump, snow plowing, lawn mowing, bush clipping, maintenance, repair, logistics, and the opening and closing of SLI buildings at the opening and closing of the Season.

Groundsman Dan can be contacted at the Shop-Garage during the week, at work sights throughout the grounds, Mondays at the Office from 3 to 5 p.m. and during working hours, Dan can be reached at SLI cell (585) 322-3896. Dan is allowed compensatory time off because he is called in to provide help on many of his off days and hours. Dan keeps the Dump cleaned and organized but it requires complete residential cooperation. The Dump is inspected by the NYS DEC. Please help Dan and the SLI by following the rules and coordinating with Dan.

This writer visited the Meadow and the Dump this week and found both to be in "beautiful" shape. Turning my camera on the Meadow from the road, this is what I saw:
Reminds me of the 'Tree of Life' in the Garden of Eden . . .

I simply had to get a closeup of that beautiful tree at the far end of the Meadow and here it is:
It's gorgeous acreage; the area would make a beautiful Picnic Grove and/or outdoor worship or meditation area.

In contrast, we turn our attention to the Dump area. It is an area kept very clean and organized, but also abused by either persons coming in from outside the grounds or a few uncaring residents. At the entrance way to the Dump, we are greeted with this sign:
No sooner than we finish reading the sign, we see the irony of people who either are unable or unwilling to read, or who simply do not understand or care to understand. Here is the visual irony:
That's Dumper Problem #1 (tires).

Dumper Problem #2 involves the dumping of computerized, digitized, and ionized electronics equipment. Computers, TVs, radios, record or disk players, tape recorders, microwaves, telephones, old electronics with tubes/diodes, including any product with a digital mini computer inside it. These must be disposed of at special County-sponsored collection events, often co-sponsored by non-profit groups. Either click on "Electronics Disposal" tab above, or click HERE.

Besides the obvious violation of tires, this is also what provoked our concerns:
 Air Conditioner (center left) is not "scrap metal" and DOES contain electronics. Neither is a TV "scrap metal" and also contains electronics.

Microwave (center) is not "scrap metal" and DOES contain electronics;
sharp-edged glass (lower right) are also seen in this scrap metal pile.

I am wondering if a more detailed sign might help, or perhaps a more detailed sign also placed near the entrance at Wesley and Thompson, urging people to turn back if they had intended on dropping off materials in violation of NYS DEC. Another option is a motion-activated camera that would record who the depositors are and their license plates or golf carts, along with established and posted penalties. Without penalties, those who intentionally violate or those who simply do not care, will have no motivation whatsoever to abide by State and community norms. I would like to see penalties with some form of teeth in them that would be imposed before they die or move away unscathed. 

Forecasted High Today: 80;
'Strong Thunderstorm' Warning

Actual Temps at 2:00 p.m.

South Shores -- 81
North Shores -- 84
Midway Upshore (SLI) -- 85

UPDATE -- There was heavy rain, but not for long.

Weather Updated: May 18 2:36PM
Issued by the National Weather Service
For Wyoming County, New York


Posted: 2:14 pm:                                         Posted 3:15 pm:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Pre-Season Stroll Up Janes Ave.

To Begin Your Stroll, click on "

Wednesday-Thursday Weather

North Shores Temp at 3 pm: 83; 3:49: 84
South Shores Temp at 3 pm: 80; 3:49: 82
SLI Temp at 3 pm: 84; 3:49: 85