Saturday, July 22, 2017


8 to 10 am Residential Breakfast Cafe at Stoody Hall

2-5 p.m. - Hoag Art Gallery - 
Laura Wallace, Betelgeuse Pottery; Pat Gesler, Firefly Farm (handmade lotions).

7:30 p.m. - Stoody Hall Coffee House
Lonestar Sailing

Question Arises at SLE Meeting:
'Can We Tell our SLE Guests to
Use Ames Ave. as Walking Path?'

SILVER LAKE INSTITUTE, NY, 7-21-17 -- With the 2017 Silver Lake Experience less than three (3) weeks away, and each planning meeting now essential to having final decisions made, a member of the planning committee directed the question of Ames Ave. availability for SLE walkers to Bill Schaefer, who also serves as a highly involved member of the planning committee. Bill's response was that the question would best be directed to the Long-Range Planning Committee who took on the project shortly after the first time the question came up in the SLE committee in early Spring. 

The question was repeated, apparently for further clarity, and the response was the same. Bill's answer makes perfect sense because if the LRPC has officially taken on the project, that is the logical place to send inquiries. Even though the LRPC is currently fully involved in the updating of the SLI Handbook, they are also making preparations for the Ames Ave. neighborhood canvass. Earlier this week and at the cavassers' request, a neighborhood map of Ames Ave. with all of the neighbors' names on it was prepared and sent to the committee. Most of Ames Ave. is actually quite cleared as our Groundsman has mowed regularly there. Only two areas of concern remain. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Welcoming the Rev. Paul E. Robinson
of the old WNY Conference as
Our Guest Speaker Sunday

Born the son of a Methodist pastor, Paul Edward Robinson grew up curious and passionate about all things pertaining to the Spirit, human beings, the universe, and the apparent capriciousness of the world’s pain and suffering. This latter reality continues to perplex and even burden him.

The Rev.
Paul Robinson
Paul grew up in the central New York and northern Pennsylvania areas (North Rose, Mansfield and Baldwinsville), and graduated from Lycoming College with a major in German, and then received his MDiv from Wesley Theological Seminary, in Washington, D.C.

He then served churches in Basel, Switzerland, Bemus Point, Olean and Grand Island, retiring there in 2005.  Much of his energy beyond the local churches he has served  has been invested in  leading CROP Walks for Hunger, a Church World Service effort to raise funds to help eradicate hunger and poverty around the world. These efforts have led to many fruitful conversations with business people which have enriched his life. These encounters have also given a sense of being grounded in the search for spiritual depth and concrete ways of touching the lives of people for good. 

Paul’s interests include gardening, photography, astronomy, watercolor painting, amateur radio, fly fishing and travel. He’s also passionate about finding ways of bringing joy and humor into life, the best way he knows of following in the footsteps of Jesus.


This Sunday marks the kickoff of our new "Kid's Korner" program for ages 2 to 5 which takes place during the Sermon/Homily time. Children experience an age-level appropriate class on the same floor as their parents in Worship and clearly visible to them. The children will experience worship with their parents until "Children's Time" when they are invited forward for a brief talk before being directed to their class in the southwest corner of the main floor.

Jill Lapp Takes Over as Grounds Chair and Waterfront Chair, Now Able to Exercise her Passion for Both

Jill Lapp
I consider Jill Lapp to be a formidable woman. By that I mean a woman of conviction and determination. At times she is very patient but, in my opinion, that should not be considered in any sense of the word weak or procrastinate. Frankly, I look forward to the results of her being asked to serve in such dynamically important areas of our community as Grounds and Waterfront. 

Jill's passion for the Institute Grounds definitely includes a dynamic concern for those who have little or no concern about the appearance of their property. She is determined to get some eyesores back into good shape--at least on the outside! As part of her team of committee helpers, she also will coordinate with the Groundsman in order to accomplish the priorities of the Board of Trustees. It is my personal hope that she will have the full support of the Trustees and Institute residents as she seeks to accomplish some of her quality goals for the community at large. 

Update: Rewrite as of mid afternoon Friday. I hereby retract the part of the story which stated that Jill had become the Groundsman's supervisor which I just learned is not the case. My own eyes and ears deceived me on this one and I apologize to my readers and those directly affected by it. It's also time to do some updating of equipment again which should result in better service.

George Miller Brings a Super Show
with his Classical Baritone Voice

"A Night on Broadway," at Epworth Hall Thursday evening, contained many great show tunes in a broad range of decades. In addition to "To Dream the Impossible Dream," "When You Walk Through a Storm," and "It is Well with My Soul," Mr. Miller received considerable applause to his rendition of "Nessun Dorma" which in English is "None shall sleep. "Nessun Dorma" is an aria from the final act of Giacomo Puccini's opera Turandot and one of the best-known tenor arias in all opera. I couldn't resist, I quietly sang along!

Mr. Miller sang at one of our Sunday services a number of years back and we are already looking into having him return next year for a Sunday Worship Service. Another program of Broadway musicals or old popular songs would also be most welcome!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Heavy Rain Storms Make Way
for Limited Day-Ending Sunshine

Thursday morning started out with some sun but soon went into this pattern of ever-deepening daytime darkness cloud cover which ominously looked like rain. The National Weather Service then began forecasting Heavy Thunderstorms to begin at 12:45 pm--which they did--and became intense at times with water flowing down and across our streets toward the Lake. A Tornado Warning was also posted but luckily did not amount to anything around our Lake community. Bright sunshine came out shortly after 4 pm which at the time of this writing has been decreased by some white cloud cover. The NWS radar at 4:22 pm shows all storm evidence has cleared our area and is off to our southeast. While sprinkles or drizzle may still be possible, heavy rain, at this point, appears far less likely for the remaining four hours of daylight.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

SLA President Emmerson Thanks
'Buy the Basket' Tournament Donors

"First," announced Mark Emmerson, "I want to thank everyone who donated a basket or items for the basket raffle. As of this [announcement] we have 16 baskets, 6 which Karen Norton and I put together with donated items." We are a bit short of our goal wanting to get one from each tract (25). The baskets that we do have are beautiful! Anyone can buy the basket raffle or 50/50 tickets the day of the tournament that will begin at 9 AM July 29thYou do not need to be present to win. If anyone would like to donate to this event please do so ASAP, we need to organize and label all the baskets before the tournament. To register for the Tournament, print out this form and register. Limited to the first 25 teams that register. Click: golf register

Sen. McCain Receives Diagnosis

At 8:12 p.m. Wednesday evening, the Washington Post has announced that Senator John McCain has received a diagnosis of brain cancer. There were no further details at that time.

Flurry of Comments Accompany Tuesday Articles on 'Odd Jobs,'
'Ames Avenue' and 'Future'

An Editorial by Greg Franklin
I am a huge fan of peace, calm, justice, and equality. I also understand the wisdom in the saying, "Without Justice, there can be no Peace." It is the goal of any good leader whether political or private, to generate a sense of peace and goodwill among the constituents or members. One of the hardest lessons to learn is that a voice of complaint is not necessarily a voice for anarchy but very often a cry for help in a situation which has become untenable and immensely frustrating.

Peace and Justice must be addressed in the proper order. Since there can be "no Peace without Justice," Peace can not be the first priority in a volatile situation. One must tackle the very difficult issues of Justice in order to create a platform upon which a sense of Peace can be built and established. This is true for a congress, church, organization, or even within one's own home. Injustice will always seek to undermine the elements of Peace until the injustice has been adequately and, very often, openly addressed.

I believe that the faults, shortcomings, and rule-violations of Past SLI Trustee Boards and their elected executive representatives, should not unjustly be held against any current Board and its representatives. To do so, puts us all in a hopeless-type of situation. We all must have a sense that there is hope for our future--no matter how difficult the obstacles appear to be. None of us can change the past--even though the pain or anger of it remains. But each of us can determine to do our very best to change the course of the future . . . and it is this future of ours for which some of our committees and individuals are fighting so hard.

Even if your pain or anger prevents you from supporting the newly elected Board, "don't throw the baby out with the bath water!" Get behind the ideas and proposals that you can support. If not that, please help by turning part of your complaint(s) into realistic ideas for improvements or changes. The blog comment section serves as an "Everybody's Column" and I have also welcomed full articles written by other writers. Let's not miss this opportunity to set some new directions or goals so we then can draw up a strategic plan to get them accomplished. 

Don't Forget to Check the Classifieds HERE or above.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Silver Lake Experience Wants to Put Best Foot Forward while Guests
Visit Institute Neighborhoods

People who visit during the biennial Silver Lake Experience (SLE) already love our area and are delighted to be here. That's partially because we have always put the effort into repairing, cleaning up, and painting needed areas. Again, three weeks from Thursday is our second SLE and SLE Committee has some odd jobs that would help to spruce up SLI before SLE … any committee volunteer should contact the committee chair if he or she sees a project they would like to do. (Bill Schaefer and Doug Wilson were painting the Epworth Stage on Tuesday afternoon.)
ODD JOBS . . . check!
The following are some current suggestions for SLE Committee volunteers. Feel free to call in other thoughts or ideas. 
1. Paint the Gazebo at Burt Park (originally the sand box)
2. Paint the posts of the Epworth sign
3. Help Danny paint the Blue dock/railing
4. Weed around Hoag
5. Weed the knoll just south of the Blue Dock … 
(Cindy Adams may begin some plantings in there)
6. Mulch around Stoody

Also, if your car or item of personal property is sitting in an area that our Groundsman should be mowing, please consider moving your cars and personal property away from the Institute property so Dan is able to get the mowing done before SLE. The SLE Committee makes this request particularly to the wonderful people of the Ames Ave. neighborhood because Ames Ave. will be needed for its original purpose during the four days of SLE (Aug. 10-13). We need Ames because we simply can not have that number of people competing with cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicyclists, and golf carts on Perry Ave. during these four days. Thank you.

Honey is Not Always Sweet

A very large swarm of bees have formed a honeycomb nest in the Epworth pillar on the north side of the door facing Perry Ave. The exterminator is having a specialist come on Thursday to examine whether it is possible to capture them and clean out the honey comb in the pillar. Its going to be costly but it is a health hazard. Just exterminating them would leave the honey to attract other pollinators or vermin, so it must be taken care of.

More than One SLI Committee is Talking 'Future;' Subject of Each
is Similar: Take Back Control

Most groups who have experienced decline and even demise, are usually prepared to ask the question: What happened? The answer is that it is the commitment of members to "the cause" that determines the future of an organization. As the For Sale signs sprinkle across the SLI lawns, our conversations now often begin with, "Why are we allowing the real estate companies to choose for us who our voting members will be?" And it's a very valid question. 

The real estate companies know little or nothing about SLI and have proven over and over they are not really interested in getting involved in explaining who we are. They even resist handing our SLI information folders (or rule books) to their prospective clients. Why? Because they have a basic conflict of interest. Theirs is to make a sale and bring home the dollars. This is opposed to the very welfare of our organization because we seek committed members--members who will be genuinely interested in our unique type of community and genuinely desire to be here and participate in a wide array of choices we make available.

Committed members (members is the term used in our charter) leads to committed volunteers, and commitment most always leads to a productive future. The discussions that I am hearing is that it's time we take back our membership responsibilities and begin "selling the Institute" as the product rather than a singular, disconnected piece of property. Colleges have orientation days to inform students about what they need to know. We also need an orientation (or welcoming) meeting to inform prospective members what they also need to know. Through these positive sessions, people will soon know--through an orientation/welcoming session--if our unique community fits them or not--and that "fit" is precisely what we must be seeking for a successful future.

Spectrum Cable Crashes; Many Customers without Internet Service
for 18 Hours; Some WiFi is Still Out

Customers of the Cable giant, including this, were already experiencing several hours of sporadic breaks in their usually smooth cable connections, but few actually anticipated a total outage by late afternoon Monday. Recorded answering systems were primed up to handle the additional traffic of customer service calls and it came across as a polished operation until this morning when one recorded voice indicated that the "difficulties had been cleared up" but the next recorded voice indicated that there was still a service disruption--and in fact, there was. 

Late evening, part of the recorded message was garbled, so it was unclear that the problem was in the WiFi and a hard wire connection could at least make a connection to the Internet. By early this morning, the garbled glitch had finally been corrected and that is why the has just returned to the Internet. We are still without WiFi, however. In addition, it has disrupted our telephone service. Our readers are advised to use email until WiFi and telephone has been restored.

A planned historical outing was scheduled for this afternoon in the Castile Historical Society and the Library, so responses to your emails today may be delayed. Thank you for your patience. We return to a full schedule of reporting news and events tonight at 10 pm.

UPDATE: WiFi was restored by late morning Tuesday. Telephone is also restored now.
UPDATE: Castile Library did not have anything on Silver Lake nor the W.C.T.U.
UPDATE: Castile Historical Society - Closed indefinitely for repairs.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

This Coming Saturday . . .

No Wake Boating Zone
Remains in Place for Sunday

SILVER LAKE, NY — The Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office issued a “no wake zone” for all of Silver Lake on Friday morning. It remains in effect for at least three days. Water levels rose rapidly because of the recent rains and wakes cause damage at this level to boats and land alike. Boat speed top limit is currently set at 5 mph.
In an interview with the Daily News, it was reported that Mark Emmerson, president of the Silver Lake Association, has worked to make sure the word gets out and everyone is aware of the situation. “Right now, everything seems to be going perfectly,” Emmerson said. “The communication is there.” 
“When we get this kind of rain and the dam cannot let out enough water to keep the water level on the lake low because it could flood the (Village of Perry),” Emmerson said. Check with the Association website,, and the Sheriff’s office for updates in coming days.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Beloved Pastor, Orator, Missionary Returns for Second Year in a
Row to Epworth Hall

by Chaplain Greg Franklin
SILVER LAKE INSTITUTE, NY  The Reverend David Lubba has served some of Western New York's most prestigious and large membership churches. Yet he is a man of great individualism, compassion, and outward care for those caught in life's various entanglements and ever so willing to dispense a word of hope and of God's Grace.

Rev. David Lubba
This Sunday, Epworth Hall welcomes David Lubba back from our 2016 Season to once again preach for our benefit both in enrichment and in challenge. The title of his sermon this Sunday, July 16, is The Miracle of the Changed HeartThe texts will be: Exodus 16:1-3, 11-18 and Mark 6:30-44. Service Time is 10:30 am.

It was my good fortune to be a part of an old fashioned Wesley Accountability Group when David was serving as pastor of the Baker Memorial United Methodist Church of East Aurora. I was then performing pastoral duties along with W. Drew Heitzenrater at the Hamburg United Methodist Church some 30 years ago.

Sunday Evening . . .

Sunday Evening, July 16, 2017
7:30 Concert at Epworth Hall

'Shake on the Lake' Prepares and Serves Breakfast to SLI Friends

SILVER LAKE INSTITUTE, NY  Today's Breakfast Cafe for SLI members was sponsored by a very grateful Shake on the Lake drama theatre group who appreciate the use of SLI historical facilities for their rehearsals and after hours recreation. Experience a masterful performance of Shakespeare’s classic--Romeo & Juliet! Aug. 3 and 4 at 6:30pm, Aug. 5 at 2pm and 6:30pm at the Perry Public Beach on Walker Road just north of the Institute.
After Action Report Posted 11:14 am

Today: a Potpourri of Local Artists

SILVER LAKE INSTITUTE, NY  Today's Art Show & Sale is a Potpourri of Local Artists who will be at the Hoag Memorial Art Gallery, 2 Wesley Ave., corner of Lakeview, from 2 to 5 pm. Come out for an entertaining visit this afternoon.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Sheriff Calls for Less Use of the Lake During these High Water Days;
Wake-less Boating is in Force

SILVER LAKE, NY (WIVB) — The Wyoming County Sheriff’s office issued a Boating Advisory and a No Wake Zone for Silver Lake Friday morning. They advise no unnecessary boating on the lake due to Thursday’s rains and flooding, which caused the lake to get several inches higher. The water has dangerously covered docks, placed big pieces of debris on the lake and damaged moored boats. The Sheriff’s office thinks the advisory will be in effect for about three days. They, and the New York State Police, will have more patrols monitoring the lake during this time. The Sheriff's patrol boat has already been observed several times in the late afternoon and into the evening.

Silver Lake Water Levels Peak; Local Heroes Come to Rescue Flooded Docks

Flooded Dock Section at the Institute Shoreline
SILVER LAKE, NY  Friday had been looking to be the first day this week without rain but even in between our bright sun, a heavy shower managed to squeeze itself in between the open spaces of sunny skies in the late morning. Docks were soon underwater and at least one dock began to pull apart on its way to freedom. 

All-round good guy, Dick Adams, hopped in to the rescue of Julie Hoffner's second half of her dock managing to reconnect it, nail it together, and reinforce it, all while working in the high water, and also as the downpour just happened to occur at that point. Dick may have had the appearance of drowned rat, but he certainly was Julie's Angel of the Day!

There were at least 3 other heroes this morning: Chuck Dusel, Jim Gildner and Jerry Kelly -- all who helped Institute residents secure their boats by raising hoists and lifting watercraft out of the water! (Are there other high water stories or pictures you would like to share? Send them in and I will post them for all to enjoy.)